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Anna Palluch 14.09.2017

We are pleased to announce that on the 13th of June we have participated in the Fleetboard nxtload Ideahub workshop. Representatives of in cooperation with Daimler Fleetboard GmbH and Teleroute have discussed further development of the Fleetboard nxtload platform. We also talked about ways to improve transparency in the logistic supply chain management.

The meeting of all companies has been a great opportunity to share experiences and ideas – says Grzegorz Patynek, Global Integration & Business Development Leader.

We have talked about challenges that face logistic platforms and about opportunities for further cooperation within the Fleetboard nxtload. We are looking for solutions to offer transparency across all logistic platforms to our users – says Ulli Rix, Manager Digital Solutions Daimler Fleetboard GmbH.

How can Fleetboard nxtload support the development of logistics industry?

Today most of freight forwarders are international companies. Dispatchers need access to a variety of tools and softwares to find new loads and contractors. We truly believe that Fleetboard nxtload will help to bundle offers for the benefit of the end-users who are currently using several platforms at one time.  

How nxtload can provide equal access to loads in case of one platform covering 95% of offers in the area?

With Fleetbord nxtload our focus is to provide the best freight offer for our customers for international transports. The tool prioritizes offers by the best match to the customer’s search criteria. Our objective is to integrate all relevant load boards – Franziska Reinhardt, Product Owner Fleetboard nxtload.

How will Fleetboard nxtload use native tools of logistics platforms?

At the moment we focus on developing the web-based platform and simplify the way our users find freights. Dispatchers currently use many tools and software at a time to handle all logistics processes. In the long run we have to think about ways to optimize the work of the entire logistics chain – Franziska Reinhardt, Product Owner Fleetboard nxtload.