int(5493) and Findway integration is almost finished and Findway integration is almost finished

We have started the second phase of the integration with Findway – provider of the cloud-based software for managing transport orders, synchronised with the driver terminal. After this phase is finished, it will be possible to use many new features of the FindWay platform, including the possibility to log in/register in the platform by using the login details from the System.

Due to the full integration with FindWay, it will be also possible to:

  • directly insert exchange offers
  • search offers based on the selected filters
  • call out the messenger conversation window
  • call out the System messenger window with details of the specific offer.

Works are expected to be finished in August 2015. All volunteers willing to participate in a free, closed BETA testing (including companies that do not have account in the FindWay platform) are invited to contact the company representative:

Łukasz Jastrzębski
tel.: + 48 601 961 306

Test participants will be entitled to special conditions for the use of the FindWay platform.

For the record, the first stage of integration ended at the beginning of May 2015. It made it possible for transport companies to integrate the telematic signal supplied by FindWay devices with the Fleet module of the System and to share it with their contracting parties.

With this solution, transport companies increase their competitive advantage and the transparency obtained this way is an additional asset increasing the supply chain security.

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