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At the Transport Logistic trade fair in Munich, on 4-8 May this year, we have signed the integration agreement with – a provider of the modern software for transport and freight forwarding company management. The integration allows us, for example, to simply and quickly export the data from to Etransit.

Thanks to the feature of importing load offers, integrated in the platform, it is now possible to easily search for new orders that fit the vehicle parameters, including the GPS position. Additionally, thanks to the synchronisation of contact data, we can automatically fill in the information when creating new orders. The integration makes it possible to directly submit the exchange offers with

“Integration of both platforms is a significant facilitation for the and customers. First of all, it saves time, as there is no need for manual filling of the information. Both submitting a new exchange offer and providing data to the order in is now much easier and quicker”, says Grzegorz Patynek, the person responsible for the system integration in

More information on the rules and possibilities of the integration can be found on the website >>.

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