TOP10 of the best rated companies on the Platform in 2017

Since 2014, has been presenting the “TOP 10 of the Most Active Companies” operating on the logistics platform. The entrepreneurs listed in the ranking make many transactions with positive ratings and comments and have an impeccable reputation as payers.

This year, thanks to opinions from our users, we have changed the form of the previous rankings and introduced the division of companies by activity. The companies listed in the TOP3/TOP10 made the most positively rated transactions on the Platform.

💡 In the new ranking form, we have introduced: – activity segmentation, i.e. a division of companies into 3 groups by an average monthly number of transactions on the Platform (data from the last 6 months: 1 July 2017 – 31 December 2017) – division into categories by a nature of the business: transport / freight forwarding and trade/production, – the number of points depends on the opinion received: positive: 1 point, neutral: 0 points, negative: -2 points.

The ranking is based on the number of “transactions,” not “offers added.” We rely on the results that reflect the real commitment of our Users, i.e. conclusion of a transaction by “accepting the offer.”

Segmentation of the companies: (average monthly number of transactions concluded on the Platform within the last 6 months) Blue group: 0-10 transactions per month Green group: 11-50 transactions per month Red group: 51+ transactions per month

Curiosity! ⚡ Extra, on each rank we distinguish one “Positive rate master”. It’s a company that among “Best of” has none negative rates.

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