TMS Nawigator is now integrated with the Platform

Thanks to a partnership between Marcos Bis and, every user of TMS Nawigator can now work with the function of direct publication of freight from TMS to the Platform.

Freight publication is done from the level of an initial order and allows quick and efficient search of the right carrier for a given freight. The possibility of fetching data of a given carrier from the Platform back to TMS makes the whole process much easier.

Such integration reduces time spent on manual typing of load and carrier data, decreases the number of typing mistakes and ensures security of transactions.

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  • Maciej Wolny
  • Marcos Bis CEO
  • The integration of our systems focuses primarily on improving the process of selecting reliable and credible partners to carry out transport orders, speeding up the process of freight negotiation and significant facilitation in the transfer of data needed to execute them. What is more, the integration at the level of sending and receiving precise data related to places and dates of loading and unloading in TMS systems results in reducing the total cost of handling orders.

The integration allows searching carriers in an automated way. This is achieved through the publication of offers with the use of automation rules defined on the Platform. Properly defined groups of contractors together with automation rules will ensure effective selection of the carrier and optimization of the duration of this process.

Publications through the integration with TMS Nawigator can be done within several modes. There is also an option to publish offers through the exchange and SmartMatch, an algorithm matching carriers to the shipper’s criteria. It is also possible to publish private offers to the carrier/contractual forwarder or group of such contractors, defined previously in TMS Navigator.

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  • Joanna Brandys
  • Integration Coordinator at Group
  • Cooperation between and Marcos Bis brings many satisfied clients, who, thanks to the integration, can count on a number of benefits, including time saving and process automation. For us, the integration of systems is a natural step towards automation. It gives our clients a competitive advantage and increases efficiency of employees. At the same time, it reduces business costs and Marcos Bis have cooperated with each other for many years and they strengthen this cooperation by planning further stages of the integration so that customers can benefit from a comprehensive solution to manage transport and forwarding companies. 


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