The best of in 2016!


The year 2016 has gone to its end and the time to look back and summarize all actions has started. That’s why decided to summarize the best of  2016. It has been another year of experiences and improvements. That’s why we want to show you how we have evaluated during the years.

How does evaluated during the years?

To provide you with the best information, we have extended the time scale from 2011 to 2016. We can see that the growth in each category –  number of loads, number of transactions and number of subscribers has significantly raised during the years. There have been 3 Mio. more uploaded offers in the System in this year than the year before. Trans. eu clients have made also 11% more transactions comparing to the previous year. We are also very proud that we have gained the trust of 2,500 thousands of new customers last year.

All in all, we can say that this year and all the years back in time have been a great improvement for The average growth in each category during the 5 years have been 25%.


What have been the most popular routes in the System.

The transport industry grows every year. Especially the road transport industry gains on influence. As the number of offers has raised, we decided to conduct which routes (by countries) have been the 10 most popular in the System.

  1. Poland – Poland
  2. Poland-Germany (both way)
  3. Germany-Germany
  4. Poland-Czech Republic
  5. Italy-Poland
  6. Poland-France
  7. France-France
  8. Germany France
  9. Germany Netherlands
  10. Germany- Belgium




What additional tools/application has launched on the market. has launched two new applications that aim to optimise the daily work flow of our customers in the transport industry. Mobility is a huge trend these days and therefore, has created the application TransExpress that allows clients to look for offers on their mobile device. Doesn’t matter where they are, they can always have a quick look in the system. The application contains a lot of functionalities, proposing new offers on a specific route, getting in touch with a business partner via Business Messenger etc.


TransParking is another application that has been launched. It is an application for truck drivers who can easily search for available parking spaces on their route. On daily basis, we add new parking spaces, describe their facilities and mark their occupancy. All our users have the opportunity to upload new parking facilities. 


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