The best gadgets and gifts for drivers

This is a subjective collection of the most interesting and practical gadgets and gifts for drivers that will be useful for their daily work. If you don’t know which present to buy, our ranking will make it easier for you to choose and make the final decision.

1. Hands-free car kit and phone holder –  safe phone calls while driving

A hands-free car kit together with a stable phone holder are one of the most practical gift sets for professional drivers. Such a present will make phone calls during a journey much safer. According to a Millward Brown SMG/KRC research, conducted for PZU, as many as 67% of drivers talk on the phone while driving, holding the phone to their ears, whereas 6% are responsible for accidents.

A good-quality hands free set with a stable phone holder makes every day of the driver’s work easier. It will be helpful especially for those who use this form of communication and at the same time must take care of their safety while driving. 

2. Car camera which will not miss anything

A car camera is another useful gadget for the driver. This device will record every event on the road and, in the case of a car accident, provide us with a detailed course of events, thanks to which we are sure that we will be able to give all the important details to the police or the insurance company. It is a great protection for every driver and a way to prove fault of the accident perpetrator.

3. Polarized glasses – sun protection for eyes

On a journey, many drivers are dazzled by intense sunshine. How to solve this problem? Polarized glasses can be a great and very practical present for every road user. They give the driver’s eyes adequate protection against harmful radiation and improve visibility during driving.

4. Thermal mug – favourite drink always at the right temperature!

Every driver wants to enjoy a delicious and warming drink for a long time. Thus, a thermal mug will be a perfect gift for the driver! Not only does it keep the right temperature, but also makes it easier for the driver to concentrate on the road with every sip of his favourite tea or coffee!

5. Portable coffee machine + monthly supply

Caffeine is stimulating, adds energy and improves concentration, which is really important during a journey. It explains why so many drivers like drinking coffee. A portable coffee machine with a supply of coffee is a gift which will surely please everyone and let them make coffee anywhere!

6. Car care products

A well-maintained car and comfort? It turns out that many drivers like keeping their vehicles clean even inside! For this purpose, some care products from renowned manufacturers can be used. They are very efficient and will last long. Every driver will be happy to get them as not only comfort is important to them, but above all… a clean and well-kept car!

7. Smartwatch with heart rate monitor

Every driver knows how important it is to be in good shape. Regular monitoring of a heart rate, pulse and blood pressure is a must before long journeys. They all can be measured at once on a smartwatch. Such control of one’s health helps avoid many dangerous situations.

8. Complete tool box

Professional drivers often come across situations in which patience is important. Replacing a punctured tyre, tightening the screw or necessity to make a quick repair – these situations are difficult to predict. To be well-prepared for every journey, even the farthest one, it’s good to be equipped with a tool box. You never know when it is needed.

9. Back massage mat

Back pain is a common ailment for many professional drivers. A back massage mat stimulates the cardiovascular system and provides some relaxation. Such a gift will be appreciated by every driver! Depending on a mat type, there are several programs to choose from and they can effectively and quickly minimize the annoying pain.

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