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Switching to the web-based version of the Platform brings a number of facilitations for all users. Carriers receive, among other things, new possibilities of getting regular orders, while shippers significantly reduce the time needed to find a carrier. 

Do you want to use 100% of the Platform functionalities? Switch to a free online contract. Please note that the transition itself is free of charge, however additional fees may apply for the use of certain features. Please check the price list for more details. If you conclude transactions on the exchange as before, no additional fees will appear on your invoice. Learn about the most important benefits.

End of the 3-month notice period

The online contract reduces the notice period from three months to one. The fee for using the exchange remains the same.

For the carrier: additional sources of load offers

Carriers who have already switched to the online contract appreciate the ability to obtain loads not only from the exchange. Check out three additional ways to get freight offers.

  1. Your contractors can send you offers before they are listed on the exchange.
  2. The SmartMatch algorithm will automatically suggest an offer tailored to your preferences.
  3. New offers within regular cooperation with a forwarder and a shipper, i.e. the so-called fixed routes.

Additional support for forwarders and shippers

Many shippers and forwarders who switched to the online contract are eager to use the new tools. In the transport industry time is money and intelligent solutions to facilitate daily work are always of great importance.

Explore new solutions designed for shippers, manufacturers and trading companies.


Greater security and freedom of operation thanks to the possibility of establishing regular cooperation with trusted carriers.

Easy tracking of your loads thanks to the monitoring function.  

Easily adjustable automatic rules for freight publishing.

Package of benefits for forwarders, carriers and shippers

To sum up the carrier’s benefits: access to new freight offers from regular and new contractors and improved security thanks to the possibility of sharing the data of their vehicles within the monitoring process.

Forwarders and shippers will appreciate the additional features that allow them to find a carrier faster: publishing offers to groups of carriers, monitoring and automatic rules.

We have also prepared flexible terms of cooperation with the Platform for all users – the notice period is shortened to 1 month.

How do I switch to the new contract?

Read its contents and accept the contract. Find out more by clicking here. The contract will come into effect immediately upon acceptance.



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