Digital transformation thanks to a logistics platform?

Higher efficiency, increased operational effectiveness, and process optimisation are the main objectives of Trans for Shippers. The tool introduces automatic settlements and access to full documentation in one place. The electronic consignment note is another step on the way to 4.0 logistics.

4.0-class TMS, or one tool giving you heads-up

Traditional activities are replaced by new technologies, they penetrate business models of companies who are ready for change. This innovative TMS integrates all existing systems for the management of transport, orders and monitoring. One tool makes it possible to exchange data of all the participants of the transport process. This solution is a new dimension in logistics.

Automatic settlements and transparent activities

As part of the platform, Trans for Shippers is a revolution in the transport order settlement system. No more need to transfer the same loading and unloading addresses over and over again, or order data in paper documents, e-mails or spreadsheets. The change also implies limiting typical errors resulting from retyping. The logistics platform organises communication between the shipper, the forwarder, and the carrier. Invoices are immediately visible in TfS, and they do not get lost in e-mails. Automatic creation of transport orders also means their efficient management. The tool enables tracking of individual stages of transport implementation, payment control, and generation of PDF documents.

On the way to e-CMR

The electronic consignment note will be a milestone on the road to digitisation of the transport industry. The adoption of the additional protocol to the CMR Convention is but one of the stages of this change: as of now, 20 countries have joined it. The most important thing will be effective and joint implementation of the electronic consignment note mechanism.

Manufacturers save money with e-CRM

E-CMR brings a simple benefit to manufacturers: quick confirmation of the delivery of goods abroad means no VAT on the goods sold. Currently, as long as there is no confirmation that the load has reached another EU country, the producer pays taxes at the rate applicable in their country. The Dutch transport association TLN (Transport Logistiek Nederland) informs that e-CMR would bring up to EUR 1,800 million per year in savings for the European sector.

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