Current freight prices – where to check them?

In order to effectively optimise the costs, the planner must know transport rates and understand how they depend on current fuel price, traffic on a given route, seasonality and availability of carriers. TfS makes it easier.

Suggested freight price range

The platform collects data on rates proposed by all shippers. Thanks to this algorithm, it can suggest to the user the range of prices usually given for the same or similar route and for a similar type of freight.

Using Big Data, TfS provides the planner with key information straight from the market – on a regular basis, for every freight publication.

Buy now or search for the carrier until you find the right one

“Buy now” is an additional option when publishing freight. If marked, the first carrier who accepts the offer will receive the order for the freight. It does not have to be used if the carrier is selected based on the shipper’s requirements rather than the costs.

Saving time and money

The key factors which affect the price of transport include: – availability of trucks for a given direction – popularity and profitability of the route for the carrier – fuel prices – legal regulations (minimum wages), permits, embargoes – safety level for operations on a given route.

The suggested price function in TfS allows for quick verification of the current market situation without the need to confront it with contractors. It informs the planner that the rate they would like to offer to carriers is in line with current standards.

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