Automatic selection of carriers. How do TfS publication rules work?

TfS changes the manner of acquiring carriers for the freight. Freight publication rules determine which carriers and in what order will receive offers from the system. It is a new quality of cooperation with carriers and forwarders.

Save time with the automation of manual operations

TfS rules search for carriers or shippers instead of the user. The system sends offers to companies according to pre-set criteria, and it supports price negotiations. After the offer has been chosen, it informs all the interested parties about the completion of the publication. The person ordering the freight in TfS only needs to check search results and to accept the selected offer. All of it in one window – no need for e-mails or phone calls.

Automatic assignment of carriers to freight

Publication rules allow to automatically send freight proposals to carriers equipped with the appropriate type of body and operating on a given route.

You just need to choose which carriers and in what order will receive the freight offer:

– companies cooperating on fixed routes and on agreed terms

– trusted partners to whom freight is commissioned, when necessary

– Platform carriers suggested by the algorithm

– all Trans Exchange carriers.

Simple configuration of advanced rules

TfF rules allow to pre-set a bid or request pricing from carriers. The user decides whether to choose the lowest price offered, or a company which meets other criteria which matter to them. If they are urgently searching for a vehicle and there are no return offers within the fixed time period – they can also publish offers for the load on the platform freight exchange.

Trans for Shippers allows to:

  • create many publication rules for each freight class,
  • personalise the criteria for choosing companies,
  • permanently or periodically exclude carrier groups or individual companies from offers,
  • freely modify, disable, and enable individual rules. All this in a simple, friendly interface.

Attendance-free freight orders for regular routes

Assigning freight to contract carriers has become even easier. All you have to do is set up your regular routes and configure the rules for sending offers.

Trans for Shippers is a solution to transport organisation problems. It automates the process of searching for carriers. In crisis situations, the platform gives access to the international community of carriers. It increases the chances of acquiring a carrier for the freight – regardless of market conditions.

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