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Are you wondering how to build relations with your carriers effectively? Is balancing between a spot and a contract no longer enough? We have created a solution to fill this gap.  Discover a new feature of – a private freight exchange.  

Shortage of hauliers, high freight rates, difficult access to available cargo space – the situation on the transport market is changing dynamically and forwarders are facing new challenges. Therefore, to make this situation easier, is launching a new solution: the PRIVATE TRANSPORT EXCHANGE

Your space to work with carriers

Building long-term relations and working effectively with a number of trusted carriers is a priority for every forwarder. It is primarily a guarantee of a successful transaction, but also an investment in the future. The answer to these needs is a private exchange, to which you invite reliable carriers – those you already work with on the public exchange, but also those who can easily join it! You get your own secure environment to create long-term relations with carriers. As a result, you avoid potential problems with freights.

Quick response to your offers

Building good relations also works in the opposite direction: the carrier is more likely to take a load from a company it knows and trusts. Moreover, most  carriers in our network use the Loads2GO mobile app, which gives them convenient and easy access to offers wherever they are. It lets them react and respond to your offer at any time, while you gain time and certainty that your every order will be completed.

Time is money

Having your own exchange allows you to communicate more efficiently with the carriers you work with. Now everyone is in one place and you can make your quotes more effectively. You save the time previously spent on dozens of e-mails and phone calls. You gain transparency and quick responses from carriers

Your loads are not visible on the public exchange

When looking for free transport space for your customers, the issue of prohibiting the use of public exchanges often arises. The private exchange eliminates this problem. Your competitors can’t see your offers – it’s a place for you and your carriers only. 

  • Marcin Haładuda
  • Global Business Development Team Leader
  • “As the founder of Europe’s largest freight exchange, has spent the last 18 years observing the biggest problems and challenges that forwarders all over Europe have to face. The private exchange is a solution we developed after careful analysis of our customers. These inspired us to expand our offer of products. The private freight exchange allows you to communicate more efficiently with the carriers you want to work with. Besides, we save the time previously spent on dozens of e-mails and phone calls. Instead of developing an expensive platform, one can use the available tools of the transport exchange. Although most forwarders know that technological tools help them sell more freights, they are also aware of the limitations of the spot market. When looking for free transport space for their customers, they are often prohibited from using the public exchange. The private exchange eliminates this problem.We only work with trusted carriers and, at the same time, we can check prices on the public exchange, which gives us an overview of current rates. The first implementations of the Private Exchange are already behind us, so get ready for more!”

In summary, the private exchange is for you if:

Your contractors disallow the publication of loads on a public exchange.

Secure transactions are a priority for you.

You expect a fast response to your freight offers.

You have a network of trusted carriers that you prefer to work with firstly.


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