No trucks in season? Time to solve the problem

Logistics 4.0 is a new dimension of transport management, as it allows to fully use 100% of market resources. Technology made it possible to combine two worlds: contract and spot.

On the way to expense optimization

The revolution in logistics consists not only in the use of tools facilitating daily tasks through their automation. Solutions 4.0 are an answer to economic challenges resulting from supply and demand. The carrier market has become a fact. Fewer vehicles, the need to raise the drivers’ salaries – all of these must result in a rise of prices in transport. Saving is finally replaced by cost optimization.

Big data introduces the fourth revolution
Supporting quick decisions by relevant data analysis

The Internet has been present in transport for years
Telematics is constantly improved based on knowledge and new possibilities.

Process automation in the development phase
Manufacturers and logistics operators have already replaced many manual operations with tools; smaller companies are still at the beginning of this path.

Digitalization built into the company’s identity
Its introduction is about more than just tools, it also constitutes a completely new approach to business. The time has come to replace a number of tools with just one.

Algorithmization is an important objective!
It allows to automatically match freight and vehicles according to specific criteria.

Platformisation, or the 4.0 key to the success
Connecting the entire transport community into one efficient system.

Wide access to trucks and carriers

Here is why it is so important to change the approach to transport management and to understand this thesis: Technology allows to fully use the existing resources. According to research, 62% of the fleet in international traffic are Polish drivers. It turns out that even in small transport companies in seasonal peaks as many as 15% of vehicles return empty. Building relationships with these companies can give an edge on the market. The Platform stands out by having one of the largest databases of transport companies.

The golden mean is to combine stability and flexibility

The 4.0-class TMS, that is the Platform in its new version, is a link between contract and spot markets. The benefits of regular cooperation with carriers are thus combined with the ability to quickly search for partners even in high season. The possibility to automatically match carriers based on algorithms allows to choose, for instance, a transport company which is closest to the loading location, owns appropriate certificates, is fully insured and has the newest fleet.

The 4.0-class TMS opens a new era

A secure supply chain ensures efficient real-time monitoring, carrier status determination as well as a smooth communication flow between all those links. All of these elements are included in modern logistics.

The new version of the Platform includes:

  • the 4.0-class TMS for data exchange between shippers, forwarders and carriers
  • the integration with current TMS systems
  • optimal use of transport resources
  • the combination of the contract and spot market
  • the 4.0 communication – no e-mails, text messages, and Excel sheets
  • the SmartMatch algorithm matching carrier to freight

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