Monitoring adapted to the needs of forwarding

Full access to information on freight, routing, history of all events – Trans for Forwarders introduces freight monitoring. This new tool is integrated with 98 telematics systems.

1. Control over transport

Freight monitoring is about access to the necessary data only, which facilitates control over transport. What matters most is information about the load, in particular if there are numerous subcontractors. All the events happening on the route, such as loading, unloading, stops or route changes will be marked on the map.

2. Automatic analysis of all events, as well as messages about changes

Trans for Forwarders monitoring collects all the data for a given route. The entire analysis is performed automatically, which saves the employees’ time. The tool passes on information about key events. When the plan is changed, the system sends alerts on delays, a new route or delivery problems.

3. Integration with all telematics

One of the key steps is the simplification of communication thanks to one monitoring tool. No more multiple accounts and entering access data to all of them. The carriers simply need to pass on a signal from their telematics to the platform solution, and it will be transferred to both the shipper and the forwarder.

The Trans for Forwarders monitoring includes:

  • choice of transport routes and providing information about their changes
  • supporting notifications and verifications of the driver and the vehicle collecting the goods
  • transport status determination
  • providing real-time information about stops, failures, and delays
  • history of all events
  • reports – delay, failures, route changes, contact, or further verification of subcontractors with reliable information concerning their efficiency and impact on the entire supply chain.

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