Load planner announces new software version

Load planner announces new software version-Goodloading

The developers of Goodloading are currently working on a new algorithm that will appear in the new version of the app. What’s more, the layout is also to be refreshed to make the programme easier to navigate. Most eagerly awaited by users, however, are the new functionalities that will help to plan loading even more efficiently. The new version is available from 1 April.

Goodloading ist an app that helps to efficiently spread goods in any space. All the user has to do is add a list of loads and select loading spaces for the app to indicate the most optimal arrangement. The design can be seen in the 3D visualisation and the user can manually move individual loads.

The aim of the app, which prepares a complete loading design in just a few minutes, is to make the user’s work easier, more comfortable and more efficient. This allows the planner to check whether the goods will fit on the trailer or container, and how to spread them out to make maximum use of the available space. The finished project can be sent to colleagues or people on load, thus minimising the risk of error.

Features to come in the new version of Goodloading:

● Multistops – i.e. several loading and unloading points.
● Sea and air container handling.
● Palletisation – i.e. the ability to lay out the goods first on pallets and then load the pallets into the loading area.
● Handling of oval loads (drums and pipes).
● Ability to edit the vehicle by adding wheel arches and a refrigeration unit.
● Improved axle loads.
● Centre of gravity – both of the load and of the load space.
● Extensive load stacking support.
● Ability to stack the load at any angle.

New version of the app brings even more benefits to users

Above all, the new algorithm is intended to distribute loads more efficiently over space. Already during testing, the app’s developers have noticed that with some projects, the new algorithm is able to make up to 70% better use of the available space. Thanks to a number of new features, the app will prepare a loading project more quickly and efficiently than a planner using traditional methods.

The current version of the planner saves users up to 120 minutes per project. Due to the increase in parameters in the app and the number of functions available, it will be able to prepare a complete project even faster.

Goodloading also expands opportunities for companies using other methods of transport. In its current form, it was used by companies carrying out road and sea transport. The new version will have more options, such as palletisation or support for air containers and wagons. This will allow companies working in air and rail transport as well as intermodal transport to benefit from the programme.

More and more companies are abandoning traditional load planning methods, which are often subject to costly errors. Particularly when transporting large volumes of goods of different dimensions, it is worth considering less time-consuming and modern solutions. Consequently, this can translate into lower costs.

Goodloading purchase for 12 months is 156 EUR. This cost can be recouped after just one completed order, where the goods will be loaded in less space than initially anticipated.
It is also possible to test the app for 7 days for EUR 2.

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