Carrier groups – advantage from permanent cooperation

The freight exchange is no longer the forwarder’s only tool. TfF now allows to build permanent relationships with carriers and introduces real work automation.

1. Work with profiled carrier groups

Forwarders who cooperate with trusted carriers have an advantage over the competition. The one to win is the one who quickly fulfills the shippers’ needs and has access to vehicles on specific routes. Trans for Forwarders helps to find a transport company thanks to the option of creating groups. The easy configuration allows to permanently match carriers to the forwarder’s key objectives. Group creation possibilities are infinite.

Examples: Carriers working on the selected routes who stand out by certificates or appropriate liability insurance – the base can be sorted based on features which make it easier to match a carrier to the cargo.

2. SMART tool, or work automation

What counts in transport is time. It is now possible to send a freight offer to selected carriers only with just one click – no e-mail with offers or re-writing data from other tools.

3. Work with groups, or:

  • fast sending of freight offers with just one click to a whole group of pre-selected carriers,
  • all pricing proposals related to a given query are grouped together along with a complete set of information about a given contractor. It makes it easier to choose carriers for specific freight
  • grouping answers from carriers by queries – which makes it easier to search for carriers for a number of loads at a time
  • access to necessary information about the carrier.

4. Choosing the carrier who will be the first to receive the offer

Thanks to automatic rules, the offer for the load will first be sent, for instance, to carriers who meet all the shipper’s requirements. It also allows to schedule automatic operations several days ahead. TfF sends the offer to selected carrier groups available at the indicated time.

Important: automatic rules allow to reduce the risk of skipping a load. The system moves to the following planned stages of the search for the carrier by itself.

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