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Do you value cooperation with trusted forwarders and the payment security that comes with it? Would you like to receive freight offers from them in a faster and more convenient way? Ask your forwarder if he already has a private exchange on the Platform, ask him to add you there and then accept orders available to a selected group of companies. 

What is a Private Freight Exchange?

Private exchange is a closed environment, developed for a particular forwarder or shipper, where he invites trusted carriers that he works closely with, has or had business relations with. This allows him to create his own private “exchange within the exchange”, where he can send offers only to this closed group of contractors, just as he did previously via email, messenger or phone. Technically, the principle of a private exchange is similar to a public one. If an offer from the private exchange does not find a carrier, it may (but does not have to) later go to the public exchange.

Benefits of Private Freight Exchange for hauliers:

👉 Cooperation with trusted forwarders
Receive loads only from your trusted contractors with whom you have built rapport. Win more transport orders and develop solid business relationships on the public exchange before joining the private exchanges of specific forwarders.

👉 Payment security and transactional transparency
Cooperation with reliable contractors on the private exchange on the Platform means greater payment security as well as smooth and transparent digital cooperation.

👉 Priority access to freight offers
Forwarder will firstly send offers to a group of trusted hauliers. Until now, they did so in a scattered way via various channels (e-mail, phone, messengers and even social media). From now on, they have the option to do it through the private exchange. When you and other verified transport service providers declined the freight offers, they can be published to the public freight exchange. Your presence on the private exchange is a chance to receive exclusive offers from verified forwarders and shippers.

👉 Less competition
The private exchange is a smaller environment than the public exchange, composed of a limited number of carriers specified by the forwarder. Win freights more easily with less competition.

👉 The best loads for you in one place
No more phone calls, e-mails and notepads. The private exchange brings everything that was scattered and analogue into one space – in a digital and transparent way. This means that all the best offers are available for you in one place, while you save time and avoid mistakes.

👉 Efficient cooperation thanks to the mobile application
Enjoy all the benefits of the Loads2GO! mobile application. Take up offers from private exchanges and negotiate from anywhere, anytime. Enjoy more efficient communication and an easy way to make transactions.

How does the Private Freight Exchange work?

✅ Joining the private exchange
To join the private exchange, you must be invited by the forwarder or shipper. Ask your trusted contractors if they already have their private exchange and ask them to add you there.

✅Searching for offers
If you are added to the Private Exchange by the forwarder or shipper, in your account you will see the offers marked as private exchange. After setting the search filters, the quickest way to find the offers you want is to click on the label:

Screenshot of with labels for private freight exchange

A new tab with offers will be created. It contains filters copied from the freight exchange and one new parameter: source of freight offers is private exchanges.

Screenshot of with filters for private freight exchange

✅ Negotiating with the counterparty
It subject to the same rules as on the public exchange – in the chat window.

Screenshot of with transport assignment in private freight exchange

Want to learn more?
Find a detailed description of how the private exchange works. Click HERE.

Get invited to the private freight exchange:
The private exchange on was the missing link in the cooperation of carriers with forwarders and shippers. From now on, you have access to the best offers from various sources in one place. You can easily communicate with verified contractors, without e-mails, phone calls, messengers and chaotic negotiations. Collaborate in an efficient and secure way.
Won’t the private exchange eliminate the best offers from the public exchange? NO. The operating principle of the market does not change. Forwarders and shippers always choose the most trusted carriers first. Now they can do it in a simpler and transparent way. At the same time, the offers they sent to the public exchange will still appear there.
Work with trusted contractors. Save time and conclude secure transactions. Let yourself be invited to the private freight exchange!

Ask your forwarder if he already has a private exchange on the Platform, ask him to add you there.

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