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Looking for freights to load, add or for return? Dedicated offers meeting your exact needs, capabilities and expectations? And all this with fast and secure payment options? Use the modern freight exchange and earn more with the organisation of transport!

Practical approach and a sea of opportunities freight exchange offers:

Personalised offers

👉 Over 405,000 offers per month for Polish carriers, for each vehicle body;
👉 Loads from 6,000 shippers and 9,000 forwarders;
👉 Constantly growing number of original offers from western shippers;
👉 Unique offers on private exchanges;
👉 Vehicle exchange;
👉 User-friendly search filters.

Transparent cooperation and security

👉 The largest database of VERIFIED orderers from Poland and Europe;
👉 Possibility of checking and rating the contractor;
👉 Access to fast and secure QuickPay payment;
👉 Debt collection tools ensuring repayment (Safepay) and recovery at the debtor’s expense.

Easy access and intuitive use

👉 Freight exchange on your mobile phone – Loads2GO! application available on iOS and Android;
👉 Real-time offer notifications – offers find you themselves;
👉 Negotiating with contractors via Messenger in Loads2GO! and on the Platform;
👉 Option to add vehicle offers for a particular region, instead of each country separately.

Use the full potential of working with the freight exchange

Create a free account - loads will find you themselves

⌚ Save time and 💰 increase your profits!

Are you a new user?

Create a free account via our form, select “Road carrier” as your business activity and wait for contact from our side. We will take care of the rest!

If you are already registered on and have not purchased a subscription yet, please contact us in one of the following ways:

✅ Text us on LiveChat and select the chat topic “Access for Carrier” (this option is available on weekdays from 7:00 am to 5:00 pm).

✅ Send us an email at saying that you would like to take advantage of the special offer for small carriers

✅ Call the helpline: +48 71 734 17 00 (available on weekdays from 7 am to 5 pm) and say you are interested in the special offer for small businesses.

Use the best solutions!

Wondering how the solutions introduced on the Platform work? Would you like to make use of the possibilities offered by our freight exchange? Use the tools we have prepared for you!

👉 LOADS2GO! APPLICATION – Freight exchange at your fingertips? Notifications of the loads you are looking for on your phone? Nothing easier! We are the only one on the market to provide you with a dedicated mobile application for carriers – Loads2GO! – included in the subscription fee and with no additional charges. Use the freight exchange wherever and whenever you want!

👉 Messenger and quick negotiations – Time is money, so we give you the opportunity to communicate quickly with the ordering party via messenger, with the possibility of negotiating and accepting freights. It helps you set a freight price, currency type and conclude an order with just a few clicks. Worried that you don’t speak the language and will find it difficult to communicate? It’ s not a problem either – you can use automatic translations when chatting with a western shipper! Sounds easy? Yes, it is!

👉 QuickPay – Get money for your freight in 30 minutes? It is possible! Use our QuickPay fast payments and grow your business without worrying about liquidity.

👉 SafePay and debt collection at the debtor’s expense – Want to play as an equal? No preference for Western shippers in resolving disputes? On we verify all contractors. But if you happen to need help, we give you the possibility of debt recovery with guaranteed payment and at the expense of the debtor. On there are no equal and more equal.

👉 Private exchange offers – the only source of freights outside the public exchange, where you can be contacted directly by a shipper or forwarder!

👉 Vehicle Exchange – Don’t search the exchange for offers. Add information about your fleet and our filters will provide you with dedicated freight offers! And more! When we find a load tailored to your needs, we’ll notify you via Loads2GO! mobile application.

👉 Easy-to-use search filters – Enter precise data to find exactly what you are looking for. Want to exclude cabotage? Include or exclude ADR? Advanced search options let you find the loads that you need in the blink of an eye. Don’t worry about location because customised sorting has no borders. We cover every spot in Europe.

👉 Quick update of offers – On our exchange you will find the most recent loads. Finished and duplicated offers are instantly removed from the list immediately, while new freights are highlighted and pushed up in the exchange view.

👉 Controlled sharing of monitoring with shippers – Taking care of managing your time and the driver’s working time with modern tools? Perfect! You can provide your contractor with a monitoring option without bothering with phone calls. If you choose this option, delivery will be confirmed in the system, thus eliminating additional documentation, stamps or signatures. Every step of the transaction and carriage will be automatically confirmed and immediately entered into the system, thus speeding up the payment you are waiting for. - Loads at your fingertips and payment within 30 minutes

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