SmartMatch: access to offers that are not available on the exchange!

Trans for Carriers uses the latest IT technology, which gives carriers access to transport orders that have not yet been published on the freight exchange. A carrier that meets the SmartMatch criteria will now receive a load proposal directly from the shipper.

Not only the freight exchange

The intelligent freight matching system available on the new platform changes the way of obtaining transport orders. The carrier can still look for individual loads through an improved and faster freight exchange integrated with the TfC, but in the new version of the program, the freight offer can be sent to the carrier itself. How?

The SmartMatch algorithm is responsible for this process. Its task is to offer freight from a given loader to a carrier who has vehicles with a specific body type and drives on the route indicated by the shipper. The carrier will receive such a proposal even if they do not cooperate with the shipper on a permanent basis.

What determines the choice of carrier by the algorithm?

The freight search mechanism is automatic and is based on the analysis of many variables. The algorithm estimates the value of information contained in the company’s profile. If it is active on the exchange, has a well-filled profile, positive feedback from counterparties, certificates and a modern fleet, it has a chance to receive load proposals.

How does SmartMatch work?

1. The loader publishes the freight (the load offer)

They define load parameters, places of operation, and conditions of transport. They can give a rate or ask for a valuation.

2. The algorithm matches companies from the exchange to the loader

An advanced algorithm searches for those companies that best match the loader’s criteria. It takes into account such variables as: searched and clicked offers, company fleet, ratings, certificates. On this basis, it builds a list of companies to which the loader sends an offer.

3. The carrier receives a load offer on the communicator

If the algorithm has picked the carrier in a match, they will receive an offer. To view it, click on the link and log in to the new version of the platform with your TransId and password.

4. The carrier checks the offer – waits for an answer

If the conditions of the offer and deadlines suit the carrier, they accept it. They can also offer their own rate – it will take a few seconds. The loader will compare the given offer with others and choose a company for freight forwarding.

5. Won freight – time to accept the order

The carrier chosen by the shipper will receive a confirmation that their proposal has been accepted.

Searching for offers by the algorithm is an additional solution, which increases the chance for new cooperation and further orders. Why use this solution?

  • The best matching load proposals, without having to search the exchange and negotiate on the communicator.
  • Clear rules: each offer from the shipper has a validity period and conditions of carriage, and the rate is always negotiable.
  • Simple and automated transactions with the counterparty – no calls, emails or phone calls. Just enter the price, confirm your choice, and wait for the decision.
  • Simple and automated transactions with the counterparty – no calls, emails or phone calls. Just enter the price, confirm your choice, and wait for the decision.

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