One tool tailored to the needs of the largest transport community

Carriers receive a comprehensive solution based on the latest technologies. Quick acceptance of freight, algorithms proposing new orders, fleet management and easy integration with telematics – now on the Platform. The new, improved freight exchange is built into Trans for Carriers.

A platform dedicated to the transport community

Trans for Carriers is part of a digital logistic platform connecting all participants of the TFL industry. The new system allows for achieving transport goals using just one tool. The freight exchange is now a part of it and allows to work effectively thanks to quality improvements and key changes. The Platform has become a convenient solution for carriers which can easily replace other transport planning tools.

3 main tasks of Trans for Carriers

  • Handling freight orders from regular clients
  • Integration with telematics and fleet monitoring
  • Freight offers from new shippers and fleet optimisation

A new way of working of transport companies

Simple handling of freight orders from clients allows for quick acceptance offers and proposing your own rates. TfC enables monitoring the subsequent stages of order execution, verification the arrangements thanks to access to the freight’s history, and cooperation with your regular partners. The messenger remains one of the tool’s key elements, allowing for quick clarification of the terms of cooperation without the need to use telephones.

Efficient work and completely new freight offers

Optimal transport planning mostly relies on controlling own vehicles. This allows for efficient use of trucks to ensure they work constantly. Therefore, in TfC it is so important integration with telematics and transparency of activities, like completing information about the company and the fleet. These data are nessecary for the SmartMatch algorithm, which matches the carrier to the requirements of the shipper (specific vehicles, body types, certificates). The solution allows to increase the chances for new freight – not posted before on the freight exchange.

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