Off-exchange freights – explore a new free source of attractive orders

For many carriers, the freight exchange is still the most popular method of obtaining transport orders.
On we offer many more opportunities to receive offers of attractive and well-paid freights. Now, with the elimination of the fees (the so-called micropayments) for accepting off-exchange freights, the chance of getting a well-paid order increases several times. This option is only available to users with permanent subscription.

Please note that we are abolishing the fees for accepting orders from outside the Exchange. If you are a Platform subscriber, you can confirm freights for FREE. This means no additional costs for off-exchange transactions.

Direct offers – negotiate or accept

Our platform gives forwarders the opportunity to send freights directly to pre-defined groups of contractors (e.g. groups of trusted and verified carriers). If an ordering party sends a direct freight proposal to your company, you will receive a notification in our system.

Accepting such offers is easy and fully automated. Depending on the type of freight publication, you can participate in the bidding by setting a rate that is right for you, or you can immediately agree to the price suggested by the bidder. There are no additional costs for concluding transactions, so you can accept this type of offers without any concern. The “Best Carrier Load” option is free for subscribers.

In the Freight module you will find various offers of loads

Long-term cooperation? Check out “fixed routes”

If you are a carrier specializing in the transport of goods on a given route and want to avoid a forced stopover, or be sure not to return empty, we have prepared a special module on our platform for you called Fixed routes with shippers. When a contractor offers you a freight offer on a fixed route, it will be moved to the ‘Under negotiation’ tab in the ‘Fixed routes with shippers’ module, with the ‘Accept’ status.

Then you have 2 options to choose from. You can either negotiate conditions of carriage by adjusting the offer to your needs, or you can accept it straight away. And in this case, you won’t pay a penny either. “No Touch Load” option is free for subscribers who choose to take freight in this way.

The smart way with SmartMatch

On we have created an intelligent freight matching system to find companies that have vehicles with a specific type of body and are travelling on the route specified by the orderer. If your company is active on the exchange, has good ratings and complete documentation, you may receive a proposal for cooperation tailored to you. Using the algorithm saves you time: you don’t have to search for freights yourself, you get them automatically – you can negotiate the rate and wait for the shipper’s response or you can start cooperation immediately by clicking Accept freight.

Freight offers matched by SmartMatch are not subject to additional fees. You will not find any additional charges for this on your invoice.

We encourage you to accept freights without worry 🙂

Read more about the possibilities of working on fixed routes in the HELP section:
Fixed routes for the Carrier – read

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