Load monitoring – the solution required by shippers

A carrier on Trans for Carriers may provide the signal of its GPS system to a selected contractor. It’s up to him when and which monitoring data he chooses to provide.

All loads under control thanks to integration

The integration of TfC with a freight data source (e.g. ERP) or a warehouse system allows you to track your vehicle and check the status of your freight without installing additional software.

Information about the transport is available 15 minutes before the planned order starts (and 15 minutes after its completion). The load owner checks, without intermediaries, if the vehicle dedicated to the task is on its way to take the load and if the goods have arrived at their destination. The data transfer ends automatically after the order completion and is entirely safe for the carrier.

Transparency of data = quality of service

For a transport company, access to monitoring data is a confirmation of the quality of provided services and a chance to acquire a new customer. A quick comparison of telematics information with terms of the transport order (time of loading, unloading, planned route) allows to evaluate objectively whether the carrier has carried done his job as agreed.

Data sharing also serves the transport company. Data from monitoring can provide evidence in a situation where the carrier applies to the shipper with a claim (e.g. when the loading operation has been prolonged due to the fault of the load owner). On the basis of information about the vehicle’s arrival for loading or unloading and after verifying the time of the entire operation, the carrier may check whether the shipper has not violated the terms of the contract.

Automated communication

During the execution of a transport order, it happens that the haulier has to make changes to the task-specific set (e.g. tractor or driver). In TfC, this modification is done automatically so the carrier doesn’t need to inform the shipper.

Monitoring in Trans for Carriers means:

  • automatic status of orders
  • possibility of sharing monitoring data with business partners
  • confirmation of a correctly accomplished transport operation
  • optimized communication process

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