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Transport exchange integrated with the Platform allows carriers to efficiently search for loads for any type of vehicle body and from any place in Europe – also from a smartphone. Mobile access, secure payments and a wide range of loads make organising transport, managing orders and communicating with contractors easier than ever. All you need is a computer or smartphone to make optimal use of the potential of the most modern freight exchange from Group.


The transport exchange is a powerful tool that we put in the hands of carriers, offering loads from over 6000 shippers and 9000 forwarders. The modern solutions on the Platform are the answer to the specifics of your professional activity, to give you full freedom in the course of your work. What do we have in mind? First of all, 7 key features:

1⃣ Fast updating of offers

In our exchange you will find the most currently available loads. Completed and duplicated offers are instantly removed from the list, while new freight is highlighted and bumped up in the exchange view. In this way you can see the most recent offers and select those that meet your requirements.

2⃣ Precise sorting and filtering of cargo offers

On, you will find offers for many types of vehicle bodies at the same time. You can exclude cabotage from your search, include or exclude ADR and other requirements. With advanced search options, you’ll find freight that suits your needs in any time. And don’t worry about location, because the matching sorting has no boundaries. We cover anywhere in Europe.

3⃣ Search for loads and add vehicle offers for your region

With our Platform, you don’t need to add vehicle offers for each country. Simply add a region to increase your chances of finding a business partner. You can also quickly find freight offers in a specific region. Simple, right?

4⃣ Intelligent freight matching algorithm – SmartMatch

The cutting-edge algorithms that make up our freight exchange offer you tailor-made freight offers – directly from new shippers. This way you gain new contacts and orders.

5⃣ Instant messenger and quick negotiations

In the exchange you have the possibility of fast communication with a client via messenger, in which we have built in the possibility to negotiate and accept freights. So if you think that from this level you will negotiate the freight, its price and conclude the order with a few clicks, then… you are right. Because that is exactly how it is.

We don’t want to boast too much, but our messenger also allows you to:

✅ clarification of the conditions for the execution of the offer,
✅ choosing the currency in which the offer is made,
✅ obtaining exclusivity in your company in the rate negotiation process for a strictly specified period of time,
✅ confirming the conclusion of a transaction on the terms specified during the conversation,
✅ automatic translation of messages into other languages,
✅ easy access to information about the caller and the call archive.

6⃣ Controlled release of monitoring to shippers

With the monitoring option you can better manage your working time or your drivers. You gain virtual “proof of delivery” – confirmation of delivery takes place in the system, so there is no need for additional documentation, stamps or signatures. Each step of the transaction and transport is automatically confirmed and immediately entered into the system, thus speeding up the payment you are waiting for. In addition, the time of transport service is reduced, because you no longer need to constantly inform the customer by phone where the transport is and when you expect the delivery. On our Platform, you make the monitoring available to the shipper yourself, and… the phone calls are over.

7⃣ Freight from outside the exchange – a new free source of attractive orders

The time has come for the proverbial icing on the cake. Because at we offer many more opportunities to receive offers of attractive and well-paid freights than just the freight exchange. Our platform gives freight forwarders the possibility to send freight directly to the previously created contractor groups (e.g. groups of trusted and verified carriers). If a principal sends a direct freight proposal to your company, you will receive a notification in our system. There are no additional costs for you to conclude transactions outside the exchange, so you can freely use attractive offers that you won’t find anywhere else. This option is free of charge only for subscribers.


Freights on your phone, at your fingertips – whenever and wherever you want? Yes, this is really happening. As a user you also get free access to the Loads2GO mobile application! The application is – in a nutshell – an exchange in your phone. It enables you to search for loads on and off the exchange, support dedicated freight, negotiate prices and communicate with contractors from your smartphone. With a full set of filters from the Platform and the ability to check the ratings of the principal, finding the perfect load will be easier than ever for you.

What if you don’t have time to search for loads? It just so happens that in our app, loads can find you. In Loads2GO! you can enable push notifications for all the filter groups you set up. This way, you will receive notifications about offers that meet your requirements, even when you are not using the app. You have all the filters available on the platform at your disposal, so you can observe exactly the offers that interest you. A refrigerated load to be delivered from Warsaw to Berlin? An offer from a specific company for no less than 90 cents per kilometre? Or maybe an order with loading at your location or on the route you will be travelling? With Loads2GO! you can be notified every time an offer comes in that meets any of these requirements – or any that you specify.

In summary, the Loads2GO! application, free of charge for users, is:

✅ all loads from the exchange available on your smartphone
✅ easier cooperation with regular customers
✅ proposals of loads from outside the exchange
✅ all filters of the platform
✅ notifications about loads on the screen of your mobile phone
✅ possibility to check customer ratings
✅ negotiations and communication with a contractor from the application level

You can log in to Loads2GO! using your access data from the Platform, after the registration.


Do you want to start working with the freight exchange and use its potential in your daily work? Register your company via our form by selecting “Road haulier” as your activity. This will allow us to contact you, verify your company and grant access to the Platform.

If you have a question or need a consultation, feel free to let us know:

➡ email us on LiveChat and select the chat topic “Carrier Access”; this will allow you to speak directly to a consultant on the chat (this option is available on weekdays from 7:00 to 17:00)
➡ call our helpline: +0044 (0) 203 80 85 086 (available on working days from 7:00 to 17:00)
➡ use the form under this entry

We are at your disposal!

Each subscriber gets free access to the Loads2GO mobile application! More details about the offer for road carriers can be found on this page. If you have already decided to make a purchase – just take the first step mentioned above – fill in our registration form. Our consultant will contact you with further instructions after registration.

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