5 hints for carriers on how to make their work easier

Find out how you can simplify your work on the Platform and, what is more, build up your credibility in the eyes of orderers. Do not postpone these actions – you will save time, paradoxically. If you have to do something tomorrow, do it today – success guaranteed!

1. Add a fleet in your company profile

Complete necessary information about vehicles you own – you will avoid rewriting them manually for each order. Select a vehicle from the list and the data will be filled in automatically.

If you own vehicles registered in Poland, TransTask will help you add it to the fleet by scanning a QR code from the vehicle registration certificate.

The better completed profile, the higher position of your company in SmartMatch – an algorithm which will match loads to your activity type. Additionally, the shipper will be able to define your activity profile precisely and add you to the group of trusted carriers. 

2. Go transparent – share your telematics signal

Sharing the telematics signal is an additional motivation to cooperate with the orderer. This service is free of charge for the carrier.

The shipper will be able to monitor transportation in real time and receive alerts on important events on the route, e.g. about arriving or departing from a loading or unloading place, parking, change of route or the signal loss.

All that is happening during the carriage of goods will be transparent not only to the orderer, but you as well. It lets you save time which used to be spent on phone calls with the driver and the orderer.

An advantage of this solution is integration with the major providers of telematics. You will avoid logging in to many systems – even if you have several vehicles using services of various providers, you can track them from one place on the Platform.

The monitoring service on the Platform is also distinguished by lack of formalities. You don’t have to grant any additional consents, sign some extra documents – all the required consents have been granted in the contract with the Platform.

Remember that it is you who decides what information is visible to the orderer, and the signal you share concerns one order – it expires once the transport service has been performed, then the orderer will only see the history of completed transports in the archive.

Check how you can easily add a fleet and integrate with telematics:

HelpCenter – Adding a fleet and integration with telematics

3. Create accounts for your drivers

Apart from vehicle data, also the driver’s details have to be provided while filling in the received order and monitoring task. If you create accounts for each of them, the driver carrying out a given transport can be selected from the list. Again, it won’t be necessary to enter the data manually every time when filling in the order. The drivers’ accounts can be hidden if you don’t want other Platform users to see them.

Additionally, thanks to the TransTask application, the driver registered in the system will be able to report the course of commissioned tasks and report delays, interruptions and problems. This information will be matched with the orders assigned to him. You can always go back to them and perform an analysis to improve the quality of provided services in the future.

Read how to add an employee to your company profile: HelpCenter

4. Confirm entitlements

Add obtained permits and licences to your company profile, e.g. for domestic and international road transport, certificate of professional competence, ISO quality certificate, ADR certificate and others.

All the documents will be available in your profile, thus, it won’t be necessary to send them  to everyone via e-mail. Also, the system will remind you automatically about their expiry date.

Read HERE how to attach documents to your company profile

5. Add valid insurance policy

Similarly to the above-mentioned documents, adding valid insurance licenses will also make things easier. Once the documents are added to the policy, they will be available throughout their validity period – after their authorization by the Platform employees, they will be watermarked and made available for viewing in your company profile. You will not miss any date – you will be reminded of the expiry date of the registered policies automatically. Update them in the system after each change.

Read HERE how to attach insurance policies to your company profile

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