3 reasons why you should switch to an online contract

3 priežastys, kodėl turėtumėte atnaujinti savo sutartį online

Once started to work on a web version of, the clients were given access to services not supported by the old program. They were not mentioned in the old contract either. To make use of them, you simply need to switch to an online contract for free. Check what you will gain thanks to this change.

1. Post or receive direct offers

The Platform is not just the Vehicle and Load Exchange. It is basically a place where you can establish regular cooperation with a chosen partner. It can be done with help of the Contractors module, within which the shipper creates a group of companies that will be the first to receive offers. The group consists of carriers selected by him. The selection criteria may include: regular cooperation, reliability or adjustment to some current needs. When working in a private mode, within a group, both parties can quickly find a contractor, while maintaining higher security and ensuring cooperation with a known, proven company.

2. The system will do some work for you

You will be supported by our system of matching freights – SmartMatch. If you are a carrier, the algorithm, based on the information provided in your profile, will suggest a freight offer suiting your route or vehicle that you drive. On the other hand, as a shipper, you have a chance to find the best contractor faster. What is more, you can easily define rules of freight publication, i.e. the order of their display to recipients, set conditions of freight transport on a fixed route as well as track your load with the monitoring service.

3. Get flexible terms of cooperation

The new contract shortens the notice period from 3 to 1 month. The terms and conditions as well as prices for using the Exchange do not change. Yet, some fees related to off-exchange services automating transport management will be added. They will be accrued only within the so-called success fee. It means that the carrier who obtains freight using the additional services (Smart Match, Groups, Fixed Routes) will be charged only when he actually receives a freight order. More details can be found in the price list:

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