Safety on the Platform!

How does the Platform affect the development of business in the transport industry?

For the Platform Administrator, transaction security is a primary goal. Therefore, a number of processes have been created to implement it: starting from detailed verification of the new user and continuous monitoring of the customers’ activities to take action in the event of violations. Users can inform the administrator about them with appropriate tools. Before starting a conversation with a potential contractor, everyone should check the number of ratings and comments in the user panel and the TransRisk indicator of a given company. Choosing a certified contractor ensures a high transaction security level. Important: the administrator signs transport companies that meet European safety and quality requirements with a TCC certificate ( Certified Carrier), and those providing the highest quality transport services with vehicles of GVW up to 3.5 t – with TCE ( Certified Express). Shipping companies that pride themselves on the highest standards of work and good payment history receive a TCF certificate ( Certified Forwarder). By giving certificates to companies that provide services at the highest level, the administrator gives a helping hand in making the decision “who to establish safe cooperation with?”.

What is the procedure for accepting a transport company to the Platform?

Access to the Platform can only be obtained by a company that positively passes the authorisation process. The first step is to register on Then, the company receives a unique TransId number. Next, a platform employee contacts the person who completed the form to check whether the entrepreneur operates on the market, which services it provides, and whether it meets the formal requirements set out in the regulations and security procedures. A company representative will be asked to send registration documents that confirm the permits to perform the given range of services. The standard is that the authorisation is granted within two working days from the date of delivery of the necessary documents.

What conditions must a transport company fulfil in order for its candidature to be considered?

An important stage of the verification is to confirm that the registration has been made by a person authorised to do so. To use the Platform, transport companies must document their activities. Provision of international transport services with vehicles whose GVW exceeds 3.5 t requires a license to perform international commercial carriage of goods. In Poland it is compulsory to have a licence for the national road transport of goods, and from August 2013, a permission to perform the profession of a road carrier as well. Transport services provided with vehicles whose GVW is below 3.5 t are not subject to the Road Transport Act, so in this case the licence is not necessary. An important document in the industry is also the road carrier’s liability insurance which is required during the authorisation process.

One of the requirements set out in the applicable Platform regulations is the company’s experience. The entrepreneur must operate on the market for a minimum of 12 months. The administrator can also ask for references from contractors, confirming the entrepreneur’s experience.

Transaction security – what are the challenges faced by a modern logistics platform?

Administrators of modern logistics platforms monitor user behaviour and react when appropriate measures should be taken against companies whose activities may negatively affect security. Along with the increasing number of transport orders, there is the development of technologies supporting the work performed by TSL industry members. Therefore, constant development and creation of new security systems for the concluded transactions on the Platform is so important. The source of valuable information for administrators is government databases that require detailed analysis. The Platform bases verification processes on dedicated tools. In addition, actions performed by the Platform users are monitored with algorithms.

What trends shape the platform’s future?

Currently, the price is a less and less decisive factor in the selection of a contractor. Each party wants to establish cooperation with a company that performs its services at the highest level. A number of factors influence the cooperation, including: experience, recommendations, modern rolling stock, timely payment of receivables, good insurance policy. The greatest challenge in creating modern tools is to meet the needs of their users. Innovations will allow the user to quickly and efficiently check a potential contractor, obtain as much important information about it as possible in order to make a secure transaction.

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