Reliable transport companies from the East

Database of reliable transport companies in the System Frauds and scams are problems that companies in the transport, freight forwarding and logistics industry have to face very often. This is why the companies ordering transport make every effort to find among many transport companies the one which proves to be worthy of their trust. Particular difficulties may arise, for example, in connection with ignorance of the language and legislation in the country of origin of the business partner.

Before you order – verify the transport company provides numerous solutions, which ensure security of all transactions concluded on the exchange. Before ordering the transport you can quickly and accurately verify transport companies from all over Europe, found in the system. In what way?

  • By opening the Company documents tab – where all the permissions and licences of the counterparty are located, including the status of the insurance validity.
  • By checking comments and opinions on the counterparty – it is a collection of information from the companies that benefited from the services of the counterparty.
  • By verifying payment credibility of the potential partner – TransRisk Index allows one to determine whether the customer is solvent and regulates all liabilities in a reliable way.

Reliable companies with TCC and TCF certificates

In order to increase safety of System users, we have introduced the TCC and TCF certificates. We give them to transport (TCC) and forwarding (TCF) companies, which are distinguished by reliability and high quality of services. When deciding on counterparties holding the Certificate, you can be sure that the order will arrive safely to its destination.

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