Quick transport – how to find a carrier?

Manufacturers, distributors and wholesalers organise the shipment of goods to different parts of the world on a daily basis. Finding a responsible carrier for each load can be a burdensome, tiring and time consuming task. The solution is surprisingly simple – quick transport through the mechanism of the mass publication of offers.

Automation of offers on the transport exchange

Transport exchange is an innovative and comprehensive system that brings together carriers, freight forwarders and loaders. Thanks to the detailed mechanism of submitting loads and communication with counterparties, the daily orders can be allocated in a quick and efficient way.
The offer submission mechanism also allows for:

  • improving the performance of the different branches of the company with the TransPro program
  • the time-saving bulk entry of orders
  • the creation of templates for even more efficient submission of offers
  • directing orders to all or selected carriers
  • the integration of offer import with other company systems.

After finding the carrier, try using the intuitive messenger – it can be helpful in determining the details, also with foreign counterparties thanks to the phrase translation attribute. Chat history brings an additional comfort of having all arrangements with the carrier stored in one place.

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