Polish Ministry of Economy supports the elite of domestic carriers

A few months ago, at the initiative of, Polish Carriers Elite campaign was launched, which aim is to promote the best Polish transport companies abroad. Now, the campaign was also joined by the Ministry of Economy who became its honourable patron.

Numbers do not lie. In the past few years, Polish transport companies rushed into the European transport market. According to the statistics of the European Commission, we own the biggest fleet and are amongst the first three countries that transport the largest amounts of goods.

In the group of several dozen thousand transport companies registered in Poland, many are decisive for the strength of the Polish transport and are its representatives. Modern fleet, efficient management, TCC and other certificates, as well as orders realised for the biggest popular brands, are the best proof of the solidity and reliability of those companies.

Despite these achievements, there are still many stereotypes present, mainly in the Western Europe, which sometimes make the contracting parties reluctant to cooperate with the eastern carriers. The aim of the Polish Carriers Elite is to change that. Campaign initiators wish to show that it is worth to cooperate with Polish carriers, as they are as good as their western colleagues.

“For that purpose, we have created the uniform tarpaulin model for the elite of Polish carriers. The tarpaulin can also include the transport company logo and the TCC certificate logo – the European transport quality sign. Soon, promotional films will be prepared, showing the reliability and successes of the Polish carriers,” says Grajcan Gajewski from, responsible for the development of the Polish Carriers Elite project.

Although the PCE project is an initiative of the Polish business, it is also appreciated at a governmental level. A few months ago, the Ministry of Economy has officially supported the Polish Carriers Elite and took honorary patronage of the campaign.

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