New functionalities in our TransExpress App!


We develop and improve the TransExpress app everyday. It is a solution for people who work behind a wheel and actively search for tasks in the System. We would like to inform you about introducing two essential changes.

People who use the app praise its usefulness. Every offer consist of key information such as: deadline, tonnage and the body type, as well as the counterparty rating. All of this means that you can take up this task without fear for lack of security of the transaction.

When developing this app we listened to the needs of its users and focused on solutions thanks to which the access to over 140,000 offers will be even easier.

1. Load monitoring for even up to three routes at the same time

You can monitor whether there are any new loads on three different routes. The information is displayed on your list and shows up as notifications on the desktop of your phone.


2. Your fleet in the app

You can add all your vehicles to the app, search for loads for specific vehicle and body types.


You can also monitor offers fitting your fleet – the app will send notifications regarding declared vehicles on 3 selected routes.

We recommend downloading the app – all you have to do is click this button:

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