New function! Hide offers you don’t want to display


The new year starts with good news. The latest version of System (beta), available in the browser has a new function. Now you can hide offers published by companies with which you don’t want to cooperate with. How does it work?

To hide particular company’s offers, simply:

  • go to the Contractors tab and then to Hidden companies,


  • click the Hide company button, enter TransId of company offers of which you want to hide and confirm,


  • the company is included on the list of hidden.


All employees in your company can hide and reveal offers. To re-display the offer of the company, simply remove it from the list. If no one does, the company will remain hidden for 3 months. By this time the offer will not be visible to any of your employees.

Want to check out the new feature? Login to or download Trans 5 (beta).

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