New feature in TransMap: searching vehicles on map

Changes in TransMap system. In the current version of Trans 4.0 (you can download it here: Download and test) a new function of searching vehicles on map has been added.

Now the exchange users can browse available trucks at a given point or points: starting or end point of a route. So far Trans 4.0 users have been able to search available loads only.

New function of searching vehicles (‘Vehicles’ tab) is in the upper toolbar of TransMap system, next to the load search button.

Similarly to searching loads, there are a few ways of finding trucks:

  • vehicle search at a given point of map (the users point a spot on the map where vehicles will be searched (within a radius of ~150km)
  • vehicle search at a starting or end point of a route (vehicles are searched within a radius of ~150km from the start or end point)

All vehicle offers can be filtered by weight or body type. It can be done in ‘Offers’ tab of the right-side panel.

TransMap has a new function of informing users that they can avoid a ferry crossing provided that the set route includes such an option.

As for using ferries, in ‘Route’ options there is ‘Omitted routes’ position with a hint showing the location of ferries. The hint gives information on how to avoid a ferry crossing. You can close it (will show up again for another route with a ferry crossing) or tick ‘Don’t show again’. In the former case the hint will never show up again. A ferry route is marked with a white rim.

New Trans 4.0 version with TransMap system can be downloaded here. Users who have not tried the system yet are entitled to a 30-day free trial.

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