Without language barriers on the Platform. Translator in the messenger becomes available

The new solution will facilitate the exchange of information and communication between clients from different countries. It is convenient and easy to use. The tool will translate what the user wants to send to a contractor as well as incoming messages.

Transport orders have no barriers

The Platform community comprises a few dozen countries, covering the whole of Europe and even some parts of Asia, including Kazakhstan, Armenia and Azerbaijan. In terms of communication, it is a true Tower of Babel – a mixture of various cultures and languages. That is why, we have launched the functionality of a translator in the messenger to make communication between the clients easier and remove any possible language barriers. It will allow quick, precise and clear arrangements for a transport offer and speed up its acceptance.

How translator in the messenger works

The service is run when our interlocutor has a different language version of the Platform than ours. The system recognizes this automatically and such information is displayed on the messenger bar right after opening a chat window. To use the translator, just enter a message in your mother tongue and click the icon or name of the language, into which the text should be translated. Then our message will be translated automatically into the interlocutor’s language and will be ready to send.

The translator can also handle incoming messages. Next to each of them the translator icon will be displayed and once it is clicked, the text will be translated into our language.

How using the translator can help

There are many benefits. First of all, the tool removes the language barrier and helps us find foreign contractors. Language is no longer a key selection criterion and does not overshadow other aspects of an offer. Moreover, we don’t have to use any external translation pages, everything is done in one place – our chat window. In this way, we save time and our work on the Platform becomes much more convenient. The translator in the messenger is free of charge and available to all the Platform clients.


  • Michał Borkowski
  • Product Analyst
  • When designing this software, we focused on both speed and quality of the translated text. After some analysis of possible solutions, we decided on the integration with the popular Google Translate service, which, in our opinion, is best suited to the whole spectrum of languages spoken by our international clients. I hope that the translator will make communication easier and let the road transport in Europe get rid of barriers and be even fairer.

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