What determines the choice of a freight forwarder?

Freight forwarding company is one of the most important elements in the supply chain. According to our research, the carriers mostly care about timely payments, whereas the loaders – about opinions of other companies. So what should one pay attention to when choosing a good freight forwarder?

Challenges to cooperation with a freight forwarder

The main challenge to cooperation between loaders and freight forwarders are too high rates and the lack of specific responsibility of the forwarders in the contracts. On the other hand, even 64% of carriers (and only 10% of loaders) as the main reason report the delay in payments.

What influences the choice of a freight forwarder?

Among nearly half of the carriers it is primarily the timeliness in payments. ⅓ of transport companies draws attention to the opinions about the freight forwarders. Among the loaders as many as 60% of the respondents pay attention to the references in the first place.

What determines the choice of a freight forwarder?

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