We are implementing logistics 4.0. The new platform is getting closer and closer

New technologies dictate effective solutions to the problems of the TSL industry. Success requires readiness for change and opennes to innovation. That is why Group S.A. is preparing a digital logistics platform. This 4.0 TMS will bring the transport community into a new era.

The last 15 years in the TSL industry is time of dynamic changes that shape modern transport management. Access to real-time information, automation of transport orders, and use of artificial intelligence in developing business relationships — all this is happening here and now. The platform is part of the technological revolution that shapes the world of transport. Platform

3 new solutions:

“Logistics, let’s name it type 3.0, reaches the limits of its capabilities and more and more companies are looking for new solutions from the 4.0 world. New trends are clearly visible in road transport services. Innovative tools dedicated to the industry as well as new generation freight forwarding companies, so-called digital freight forwarding, are being created,” comments Marek Prószyński, CCO of Group S.A.

“The traditional transport model has reached its limits in terms of efficiency and productivity, so only an innovative approach to these issues will help to solve the problem of limited resources, rising costs, consumer requirements, and new legal regulations. One of the most important trend becomes platforming. This new revolutionary TMS 4.0 tool is given to shippers, forwarders and transport companies by Group S.A. Data is the currency of the digital economy and also in transport,” explains Marek Prószyński.

Class 4.0 TMS – the future of the TSL industry

Logistics 4.0 imposes a new model of cooperation that connects the whole industry: without text messages, e-mails, and data tables. Group S.A. announces the launch of a tool dedicated to shippers, freight forwarders and carriers. Class 4.0 TMS will be the answer to the main problems of the industry, thanks to connecting the whole transport community and the possibility of rapid data exchange within it. The transport exchange is only one of the solutions enabling flexible search for load or vehicle offers. The Digital Platform will allow to handle the entire transport process within a single tool.

“Thanks to advanced algorithms, the new platform will enable users to optimize and automate transport processes, taking advantage of the huge amount of data collected. It will give the possibility to monitor current trends in the transport rates market, or to track the load regardless of the track & trace system used. All this will translate into a reduction in time and costs in the field of road transport. The companies that will be the first to use TMS 4.0 will become leaders of change and will gain a significant advantage not only in transport, but also in other fields,” emphasizes Marek Prószyński.

  • New, faster transport exchange integrated with TfS, TfF and TfC
  • TMS class 4.0 for data exchange between shippers, forwarders and carriers
  • Simple integration with current TMS, ERP and telematics systems
  • Communication 4.0 – without e-mails, SMS and Excel sheets
  • Intelligent algorithm linking loads and carriers
  • Rules for automatic publication of freight to groups of carriers, for fixed routes
  • Data security thanks to advanced technologies
  • Performance analysis and reporting based on intelligent solutions

Tool dedicated to innovators

Technological transformation of the industry means a new work model in the transport industry. The platform is in the testing phase conducted in cooperation with companies operating in the TSL sector.

“When building their solutions, Group experts focus very strongly on the efficiency of work and automation of carrier management processes and their selection for loads. Reducing the imbalance between supply and demand on the market will strengthen conscious management of prices and relations with carriers.” Piotr Hrebieniuk, product development leader at Group S.A.

To be part of the digital Platform, just fill in the following form: Form. The list of companies testing the new tool is limited. After verifying the application, the customer service department will invite selected candidates to work in the new environment.

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