int(5493) Platform integrates with TMS provider – interLAN SPEED

tms integration interLAN Platform joins interLAN SPEED – one of the biggest TMS class system providers in Poland. Both companies signed a partnership contract and started the integration process.

This may be good news for current and potential users of both tools. The project will result in combining two systems so that forwarding companies or manufacturers can manage transport orders in a more efficient and automated way.

What can Users expect?

The integration ensures faster and more efficient search of transport offers. Owing to this, some space is created for employees to carry out a greater number of orders at the same time.

At the first stage the automation of accepting and commissioning freight is planned. On the platform one of the 3 options of searching carriers can be selected:

  • closed group – work with regular contractors
  • transport exchange – ad hoc search of offers
  • SmartMatch – publication and search of offers matched by algorithms

Therefore, offers can be visible in both systems, negotiations and acceptance of offers will also be possible through InterLAN. Combination of TMS and the platform also ensures a better control over loads and a digital flow of documents in both tools.

– Platform provides a system solution which combines processes of orderers and carriers. This key value of ours allows for an automatic exchange of data between our systems within the area being not fully developed on the market. It concerns active, system and automatic search of carriers to carry out a transport order – -says Patryk Grzelak, the InterLAN managing director.

Why both companies decided on partnership?

For and InterLan the integration is a way of delivering extra value to thousands of clients. Both companies are looking for ways to further digitization and automation of work in the process of handling transport orders. Connection of the systems, first at the level of freight and later on using artifcial intelligence to compare rates on specific routes as well as automation of document flow, will certainly help companies make decisions and perform everyday tasks.

– Thanks to the integration and the possibility of working in just one application, the Users will devote less time to handling orders and, therefore, may expect on more efficient work and better financial results. It’s worth adding that we constantly work to make our API allow for a wide scope of integration, which will result in a comfortable work without the necessity to switch between the systems used – says Marcin Wolak, the leader of acquiring new strategic partners at

When the integration works defined in the partnership contract are completed, the Users of both systems will be informed about the possibility of using the implemented solutions.

If you need any more information about the project or are interested in a partnership or integration with the Platform, contact us at

About InterLAN:

InterLAN is one of the leading Polish developers of TMS class software. For over 20 years it has created solutions improving and optimizing everyday work of companies from the TSL industry. Its main product is the TMS class interLAN SPEED system. The tool is rich in specialistic “know-how”. It combines all the functionalities needed to run a transport, forwarding and logistics business. InterLAN develops products satisfying the changing needs of the market. It creates them to help with work organization of both the largest enterprises as well as small and medium-sized companies, which want to automate work wherever possible, using the technology.

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