Through the eyes of the salesman – when the logistics manager has doubts

Everyday he sells services of the Platform, which supports logistics processes, automates work, provides data and information in the form of statistics, graphs and reports. This is how it decreases the amount of manual work, which is time-consuming and vulnerable to errors and mistakes. Nevertheless, not everything always goes according to the plan. Dear Logistics Manager, what are your doubts?

A good start

During a presentation of the Platform, everything goes smoothly – the product looks impressive and then the whole thing gets blurred. The salesman racks his brain trying to put the pieces together, in vain. On the one hand, the company working with e-mails and Excel sends 500 FTLs monthly and delivery costs for the product pallet are averaged for the whole country. On the other hand, there is such a beauty – the Platform. It seems to be fine, but not exactly. Perhaps there is some sphere within which the real reasons for the lack of success are hidden, somewhere between the moment of presenting the product and a happy ending when we sign the agreement.

Platform 9 and ¾

So I speed up, hit my head on the wall and see the Logistics Manager. He has just come from another meeting with a salesman offering work automation. For several years he has led his department effectively using conventional methods (e-mail, Excel). The new product is really good but… its implementation entails carrying out a huge project that includes transferring existing processes to a new environment and this, in turn, requires organizing them. It’s not possible to start without arranging huge amounts of data – it is hidden in e-mails and dozens of Excels, which makes their automatic analysis impossible. It seems that all this is stored digitally, however, when something has to be calculated, it turns out that it is very difficult.

Another issue concerns the management of employees, who will have to adapt to the new conditions. In the end, there are also carriers, who are regularly urged to use a different tool. This is a task for the Project Manager, not the logistics manager, who also has some other responsibilities. That involves convincing the director, costs and disruption of the existing processes, which are not perfect, but ‘somehow’ work.

Last but not least, there is also confidence in the software supplier. Is he reliable? Does he know what he is doing? Is he familiar with the transport industry or just programming? These are some real reasons.

We will take care of everything!

Dear Logistics Manager, let me tell you what it looks like with us. Group is a company which has provided solutions for the TSL sector for 16 years. We are mainly associated with the loads exchange, however, our offer includes a great range of services for the transport industry – insurance, legal advice, certificates, audits, etc. We employ the best specialists – not only from the IT field, but also managers of logistics, forwarding and transport with many years of experience and, importantly, experienced experts in process changes.

How the implementation is carried out

If you decide to implement the TFS platform (Trans For Shipper), we will be your Project Manager. We will thoroughly analyse your process and adapt to it, but also suggest how and where it can be safely modified. Let me emphasize that – safely! We learn from the best – our clients that we talk to everyday. 

First, we will show you the whole path that we will follow together and only then we can move forward. Your employees will learn and see that a good IT product brings benefits to everyone, including the most important, “operational” personnel.

Carriers – will there be any problem with them?

Platforms, TMSs, exchanges, last ERPs from the manufacturer… The carrier can react with the rash to an attempt to be drawn into the new environment. Do not worry about this, because everyone uses our exchange. It is hard to find a logistics operator, forwarder, or carrier who would not work with our product. They just need to be informed that from now loads will be published right there, not via e-mail or the messenger. Anyway, we will also take care of the so-called onboarding.

Finally – money

Let’s not skip this topic. Every product costs, and the question: ‘How much?’ ia asked most frequently during talks with the superior.

In we do not want to earn money on the implementation, account configuration or system integration. For us, these are transitional stages on the way to the most important one – freight publication. We handle many of these costs or give you a choice, as in the case of integration with your ERP or TMS system. If you have a competent IT department – do it on your own. We will provide you with the whole API documentation.

What’s next? We certainly do not follow the principle: “Down you lie or up you stand, either way you’ll earn a grand”. There is no subscription or the so-called service fee. You pay separately for each freight handled, thus, the costs are always proportional to the benefits.

Dear logistics manager – call us and we can talk.

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