Honest company has nothing to hide – take care of your image on Trans.eu Platform

Justyna Skorupska 23.07.2020

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Concluding transactions on the Trans.eu Platform is a condition for safe and efficient cooperation. It allows automating work and avoiding many misunderstandings. Additionally, this is the only moment when we can evaluate a company we cooperated with as well as receive a rating and build our positive image among all the potential contractors.

Users who are accustomed to making transactions outside the platform, e.g. by phone, must be aware that they expose themselves to the danger of coming across a dishonest contractor.

We keep working on eliminating such users from our community. Especially now, when a financial situation of many companies is unstable due to the pandemic, we receive many reports of abuse which we cannot react to as we have no possibility of verifying the veracity of the concluded contract outside the Platform, says Michał Mierzejewski, the Trans.eu Platform security expert.

No evidence, no money

Most cases reported to the security department by our users concern redirecting orders to companies from outside the Platform.

It often turns out after a while that the orderer, i.e. the payer indicated in the same order, is a different entity than the one we had conversations with. As long as the cooperation is done properly, it does not matter who pays or who carries goods. Problems start when something goes wrong, e.g. payment is not made or goods are lost or damaged – explains Michał Mierzejewski. – There were also situations where companies agreed by phone on carrying out an order for a specific amount in Euro. The carrier received a few-page order after the deadline and did not manage to get familiar with the document, only remembered the arrangements with the interlocutor. At the moment of payment it turned out that the orderer wrote down the amount in PLN instead of Euro, and forgot about the arrangements set over the phone – warns Mierzejewski.

Such situations can be avoided. By concluding transactions on the Platform, firstly, we are sure that we do not cooperate with an unknown, shell company from outside Trans.eu, secondly, both parties complete and accept order terms and conditions, which are then generated by the system automatically. At any time the involved parties can view it and in the event of complications it is a proof of the transaction. It also improves the process of verifying any reported irregularities on the Platform.

Trust but check

When setting conditions of orders outside the Platform, we often skip the process of verifying the company we start cooperation with – it’s a big mistake.

In business it’s good to follow the principle of limited trust. The assurance of honesty itself is not enough. The Platform provides a range of tools which help to check the user, including the rating system or TransRisk payment credibility indicator, says the expert.

Verification of the company we want to start working with should be a common practice for every transaction. What can be checked on the Platform?

  • ratings the company received from other Trans.eu users
  • TransRisk payment credibility indicator
  • validity and scope of insurance policies
  • necessary permissions
  • granted certificates
  • condition and size of the fleet (applies to the carrier)
  • date of establishment and basic registration data of the company

No transaction – no rating

On the one hand, the more information on the company we gather, the less risk we take. On the other hand, it’s worth building your own image on the Platform and taking care of your transparency so that any potential contractors can learn about you as much as possible. Many users work only with those contractors whose payment practices are documented with positive ratings, or carriers whose quality of work is confirmed by the opinions of other users. It should be remembered that we can evaluate and be evaluated only when a transaction is concluded via the Platform.

We keep working on new tools, which will help us react to any irregularities faster and care about transaction security. We will be able to do this with full transparency of user actions, says Michał Mierzejewski. 


To make concluding transactions on the Platform easier for users, soon, a new functionality will allow confirming them in the messenger. We will inform you about this new feature on our social network channels.