Something you know and something you have – we implement secure login on Platform

A two-factor user authentication while logging in is a standard applied by the biggest Internet giants. The solution considerably increases the level of security thanks to an additional layer of data protection. Owing to this, a cybercriminal, who may somehow intercept a login and password, will not be able to take control over the user account.

We come across a two-factor authentication (2FA) every day. In fact, most of us log in to their bank using this method, where apart from a username and password one must enter a code received to their mobile. Similar solutions are implemented by social networking portals, such as Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter. On the one hand, it extends the login process, on the other hand, it significantly improves the level of security and makes it harder to break into the account.

Combination: Something you have + something you know

The standard approach towards logging in, i.e. own password and login, has some flaws. Cybercriminals keep coming up with new methods to steal our data. They use, among others, malicious software or scripts creating thousands of combinations of passwords, or they just intercept passwords from Internet services. Sometimes we make it easier for them by creating simple passwords, which are very easy to crack – we often use the same password on many platforms.

A login and password are an example of what you know, i.e. what you remember – have in your mind. If we add to this something that you have, e.g. a mobile device or e-mail, we will get a two-factor authentication.

Something you know: login, password, PIN.

Something you have: code sent to your e-mail address, sms code, code from a mobile notification.

Situation in which you must only enter your login and password is called a single authentication. The only required thing is what you know. Adding another layer by entering a code from your device forms a two-factor authentication and increases user security significantly. It is due to the fact that to intercept the account, a criminal would need to have access to the device you usually carry with you.

2FA on Platform

The implemented solution is aimed to ensure the security of the platform users. Bearing in mind that important transactions are concluded there, we cannot allow for any fraud related to data theft.

It is of the milestones of the #safeTRANSactions program, within which we work globally on strengthening the security of our customers.

How does a two-factor authentication work on the Platform?

  1. Log in to the Platform using your login and password.
  2. An activation code will be sent to your e-mail address.
  3. Enter the received code.
  4. Mark the checkbox if you want your device to be added as trusted. Note! If you want to log in from another computer or browser, the verification process will be restarted.

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