Marcos Bis and integrate TMS Nawigator solution with the new Platform

We have signed a partnership contract with Marcos Bis, one of the leading providers of tools for the comprehensive management of forwarding and transport processes.

This cooperation aims to satisfy clients who, thanks to the integration of TMS Nawigator, will be able to count on a range of benefits, including saving time and more extensive automation of processes.

– So far, forwarders and carriers working on the Platform have added loads manually and had to ensure that they are regularly updated. The integration allows automation of this process and adding loads directly from TMS, says Joanna Brandys, partnership expert at

These are not the only advantages of matching the systems. As Maciej Wolny, the Marcos Bus CEO, notes, it is also a big step towards increasing security of transactions as well as reduction of costs on the client’s side.

– Integration of our systems focuses primarily on improving the process of selecting reliable and credible partners to carry out transport orders, speeding up the process of freight negotiation and significant facilitation in the transfer of data needed to execute them. What is more, integration at the level of sending and receiving precise data related to places and dates of loading and unloading in TMS systems results in reducing the total cost of handling orders, explains Maciej Wolny.

The first effects of the cooperation will be visible soon and Marcos Bis have worked together for many years. Therefore, as Maciej Wolny says, it was a natural decision to create communication between the TMS Nawigator system, used for the comprehensive management of transport and forwarding companies, and the new version of the Platform.

– In our opinion, Platform is a leading solution for forwarding and transport companies in Poland and became an essential tool in everyday work of forwarders and dispatchers. New functionalities of the new version will deliver additional value to its users and significantly improve the processes of selecting the right carriers for transport orders, explains the Marcos Bis CEO.

Works on connecting the systems are in progress and should be completed at the beginning of August. As Joanna Brandys ensures, clients will wait for the first effects of the cooperation until the end of this year. We will regularly inform you on the progress of integration.

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