Logistics 4.0. Let’s explain what it really is about

You must have come across these terms many times: Logistics 4.0, transport automation or digital transformation. In this article you will learn what stands behind these words and what influence on your company it may have.

The world moves on – your company should too

Let’s start with the basics. 4.0 standing next to the logistics word symbolizes the next step of a technological development. It means that we have come a certain way to the point at which we are now. And where do we start? From the beginning of industry, i.e. from the invention of the steam engine. Replacing human labour with machines improved speed and efficiency of production. This stage is called mechanization – 1.0 and that’s where it all started. Then electricity – 2.0 emerged, followed by digitization – 3.0, i.e. work with the use of computer software. All these stages are connected to industry, but they can also be directly related to its branch – logistics. The digitization stage is well-known to all of us. Yet, do we know what comes next?

Logistics 4.0 era has come

Are you a forwarder or shipper? Imagine that all information regarding your work is stored in one place online, being available from any device. Both TMS, which assists you with planning and handling transport, as well as access to the database of carriers, where you can find those with which cooperation will be satisfactory, create a group of trusted contractors and set fixed routes for them. Don’t you have any carriers yet? The special algorithm will point to those who carry out orders best, whereas monitoring will let you follow your load. Are you a carrier? Plan your work online, see offers in real time, conclude safe transactions and use social networking elements (ratings, references, indicators), thanks to which you can verify your contractor. When the order is completed, add the needed documents online and receive payment within 48 hours thanks to quick payments.

  • Piotr Hrebieniuk
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  • Currently the top challenge for the industry is introducing a mobility package which clearly defines organization of drivers’ work in terms of time and rest. Therefore, route planning, which takes the optimal use of available vehicles into account, will become even more significant. Thanks to technology we are able to handle this in an intelligent manner by combining all the supply chain elements. With help of artificial intelligence and algorithms, load offers are effectively matched to available vehicles. Automation supports not only the load management process, but also cooperation with contractors. During the pandemic, when the number of offers is smaller, building the credibility and image of your company is more important than competing only with the price. This approach is supported by the social networking elements of the Platform.

Let automation do it faster and cheaper

All this will allow you to build a competitive advantage over those who prefer working “in the old way”. Finally, the time you had to devote to manual entering of data or registration of documents delivered by traditional mail, you can now spend on developing your business. Thanks to automation, you gain more time, whereas artificial intelligence in the form of algorithms becomes your… new employee. 

The Platform gives everyone access to the same tools. It does not matter if you are a big corporation or a small transport company. In this way we equal the chances on the market. Now, even the smallest business can benefit from logistics 4.0.

To sum up, logistics 4.0 is nothing more than technological integration of various elements of the supply chain. One online system which aims at constant optimization, saving time and money. What can we say more, try it yourself >> Platform

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