Goodloading: an easier way to plan loading


Goodloading, a web-based load planning application, introduces new solutions that will allow logisticians interested in optimizing loading to save a lot of time. The tool allows the user to select the space to be loaded and the dimensions of the load, indicating the optimal spacing, recommending the optimal vehicles or allowing one to share their loading project.

The newest Goodloading features:

  • Axle loads – After adding the loads for the vehicle, the application will show the axle load. At first, the function will be available for default vehicles, and in the future, the user will be able to obtain information regarding the load for vehicles they added themselves.
  • Possibility to load many trailers at onceIf the loading requires the use of more than one vehicle, the application will split the loads into recommended bodies, or it will allow the user to choose or add the bodies of their choosing. This feature can also be used for palletising or loading several containers. Thanks to the recommendation, the user will receive information about their quantity and the spaces where his load will fit.
  • Layers taken into account during stacking When adding a load, the user can select the option to stack taking into account the maximum number of layers for a given load.
  • Notes in the project Each planned loading can be saved to the user’s account as a project shared with other users via a link or simply as a PDF download. The new feature will allow the user to add comments or notes to the project, which is particularly important for projects shared with other people.
  • Possibility to quickly save added elements When adding his own space or cargo dimensions, the user will be able to automatically save these elements in the user account library.

The application displaying the way in which the cargo is stacked and calculating the remaining loading space is currently used by logistics specialists all around the world. According to its creators, the introduced functionalities are the result of their cooperation with the users.

We have been trying to provide some of these solutions to our users for some time now, but in order to do this, we needed to completely redesign the program design which allowed us to find place for the new features, said Martyna Strzoda, responsible for Goodloading communication.

When creating this new look, we drew inspiration from software related to designing in 3D environment. This allowed for the view management to become simpler for people who see our application for the first time, the specialist added.

Is this the end of this popular program’s new features? According to its creators, their next step will be to take on the methods of integration with other systems.

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