5 questions you should ask before contracting a transport company

Choosing a reliable carrier and knowledge of market rates are key factors to consider while planning transport. Find out what to pay attention to before ordering freight. 

1. Is the carrier reliable?

Cooperation with a trusted carrier ensures comfort and safety. Before ordering transport, it is worth checking the transport company thoroughly to avoid unnecessary risks. The primary step is to verify the carrier’s documents, which confirm formal business activity, experience on the market and transport permits.

A complete set of documents with issue dates can be found in the carrier’s profile on the Platform. 

  • company registration documents and basic company information, 
  • transport licenses held for domestic and international transport, 
  • quality certificates awarded.

2. Will the shipped cargo be safe? What insurance is it covered by?

The proper policy covers the risk of damage or loss of cargo. Before establishing cooperation with the carrier, it is important to carefully check the conditions included in his policy and the maximum amount of compensation.

On the Platform, in the carrier’s profile, you will find the insurance document with information about the issue date, expiry date and insurance amount.

3. How did other companies assess cooperation with the carrier?

Before ordering transport, it is also worth asking those who can most reliably assess their cooperation with the carrier – former and current customers. Compared to opinions found on the Internet, the advantage is given to those on the Platform, as only users who have actually worked with the carrier can add comments there.

In the ratings section of the carrier’s profile on the Platform, you will find individual ratings for timeliness, communication, care of goods or conformity of services with requirements. The average for the last year and the monthly trend are also available there.

4. What is the market price for this freight?

The knowledge of market prices gives you a great advantage in transport planning. It allows you to determine the best margin and find a carrier with the right quality/price ratio. Knowing the prices is especially useful when commissioning freight on a new route. 

The predicted price is displayed to the orderer while adding a freight offer on the Platform. The algorithm takes into account market rates for similar offers, considering the destination, vehicle, current fuel prices, date and season.

5. How does the carrier behave in direct contact?

A conversation with a contractor can tell you a lot about their attitude, motivation and communication. If we want the cooperation to run smoothly, it is worth paying attention to the manner of conducting the conversation or simply a good contact with the carrier. If a red flag appears even before cooperation is established, it is worth thinking twice about whether we want to entrust goods to a company with which we cannot communicate efficiently. 

The Platform messenger is the best tool for communication. It allows for quick contact regarding an offer, automatic translation of a text in a foreign language, as well as negotiation and conclusion of a transaction.

A thorough verification of the carrier and the determination of the optimal price before ordering transport should be a standard task for every freight forwarder. With the Platform, in one place you can see the full offer of the carrier, get acquainted with the license, check insurance options and its amount, or owned fleet, but most importantly – get to know the users’ opinions.


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