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Loads2GO! is a mobile application that gives road carriers regular and quick access to their loads. Thanks to the integration with the Platform, the application allows searching for loads on the exchange, handling dedicated freights as well as negotiating and communicating with contractors. A full set of filters and the possibility of checking the ordering party’s ratings make it easier than ever to find the perfect load.

When asked what they value most in their work, professional drivers often reply: freedom. Freedom understood as the absence of rigid corporate rules, financial independence and the opportunity to visit far corners of the world. Loads2GO! has been developed to give road carriers even more flexibility and allow them constant access to their loads – anywhere, anytime.

Freight exchange on your mobile

Loads2GO! is an application synchronised with the Platform. This means that by using it, you can add vehicle offers and, most importantly, access exchange loads from your smartphone. At your first login, you can fetch all search filters previously selected on the platform in your browser. What’s more, any filter you set on the platform is instantly saved in the application – and vice versa. This saves you from having to enter the details of the order you’re interested in. 

Loads2GO! is not only a search engine for offers, but also full and maximally simplified communication with the contractor. The application allows you to chat on the messenger and negotiate the price (if you do not know what rate to propose, you can use the route cost calculator available in the application). With transaction security in mind, the application developers have also made it possible to preview the ratings of each potential customer. What is the result? Taking a satisfactory order comes down to a few clicks.

Notifications of offers which interest you

Tired of searching for loads? From now on, it’s loads that can find you. In Loads2GO! you can enable push notifications for all the filter groups you have set up. This will ensure that you receive notifications of offers that meet your requirements, even when you are not using the application

All the filters available on the platform are at your disposal, so you can observe only the offers that interest you. Reefer cargo to be delivered from Rzeszow to Berlin? An offer from a specific company for no less than 90 cents per kilometre? Or an order with loading at your location or on the route you will be taking? With Loads2GO! you can receive a notification every time an offer meeting any of these – or any other requirements you have specified – appears on the exchange. 

Not only the exchange. Even more loads for you

Exchange offers are not all you will find in Loads2GO! With the application you can accept freight orders prepared especially for you – by your trusted contractors or by the SmartMatch algorithm. How does it work?

🟠 If you work with an ordering party on a regular basis, you can use Loads2GO! to handle orders that you have agreed on in advance. This allows e-mail and telephone communication to be kept to a minimum and all your agreements (terms of order or price negotiation history) to be in one place. 

🟠 SmartMatch is an intelligent algorithm that enables the carrier to take perfectly matched loads without having to search for them on the exchange. In practice this means that if your fleet meets the ordering party’s requirements and you drive the route specified by them, the algorithm will more than likely offer to take their load.

  • Krzysztof Naparty
  • Product Owner Loads2GO!
  • It is no longer a fad, but a requirement of our times. The mobile phone has become one of the basic tools for running business and making money. It would be a shame not to give carriers the opportunity to search for loads on a device they always have with them. Our intention is to develop Loads2GO! in such a way that it becomes a self-sufficient application. This means that it will be able to handle the entire process, from load sourcing to order processing and evaluation.

Free Loads2GO! application gives the carrier the following:

🟠 all loads from the exchange accessible from your smartphone
🟠 easier cooperation with regular orderers
🟠 load offers from outside the exchange
🟠 all filters of the platform
🟠 notifications of loads on the mobile phone screen
🟠 possibility to check the orderer’s ratings
🟠 negotiations and communication with the contractor from the application level

➡️ Download the application from the Google Play store and enjoy free access to thousands of freights on your mobile.

Not only for carriers

Do you sell loads? Loads2GO! is also for you! As a forwarder or shipper, you can use the application to add freight offers to the exchange, communicate with subcontractors and negotiate rates with them.

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