Let them see us. TCC tarpaulins in white and red

Let them see us. TCC tarpaulins in white and red

Poland is the leader in the European road transport; it holds nearly one third of market share in the international transport in EU. Looking at the situation in the country, it can be definitely said that the era of a plumber is gone, and the era of a carrier has begun. Our carriers enter this era perfectly prepared. We should be proud of it and make it noticed.

Road transport is the dominating and fastest developing sector in the field of transport of goods. It stands for about 10% of Polish GDP and provides jobs for approx. 1 million people – it is indeed hard to overestimate its role in the Polish economy. No wonder it is one of the reasons for feeling national pride for many people employed in this industry.

Coming away unscathed

Recently, our carriers proved that they can handle a crisis. Due to the Russian embargo, a big stagnation was expected in the transport, freight forwarding and logistics industry. The situation indeed left a lot to be desired: every 1 in 3 carriers included in the System survey in November noted a decline in orders to Russia, which meant that for most of them the income decreased by as much as 50%. Still, the value of Polish agricultural and food products export in 2014 was PLN 1 billion higher than in previous year; the products refused by Russia were send into different markets. Paradoxically, thanks to the strategy adopted by the carriers, what was meant to cause a major stagnation in the Polish transport industry have only made it stronger.

Driving under the white-and-red flag

Conquering new markets, strong participation in the national economy, efficiency of its representatives. All of that make the transport industry an increasingly important spot on the Polish map of success. However, to earn the reputation of a good carrier, nowadays it is not enough to simply transport a cargo from one place to another. For some time now, the bar has been raised much higher. This means that a number of requirements, such as creditability, reliability and transparency, must be met – but our domestic companies have no problem with that. At the moment, about 1,800 enterprises have been awarded with the Trans Certified Carrier certificate, the international quality sign in transport.

Drivers willingly emphasise their nationality: they hang pennants showing symbols of Poland, they decorate their cars with national colours. To additionally demonstrate they professional approach, certified carriers mark their fleet with stickers and tarpaulins presenting TCC certificate logo. Especially for them, willing to promote the best carriers, we have created a series of perfect quality tarpaulins in Polish national colours.

Adrian Gąsiorowski, Deputy Freight Director in Kroma-Bis, which has already marked its fleet with white-and-red tarpaulins, thinks that it was a great idea.

“Manufacturing uniform tarpaulins that will promote our country in various parts of Europe is a great idea”, says Adrian Gąsiorowski. He emphasises that this campaign is particularly important when considering the problems that our carriers have been facing recently. “Lately, we have been experiencing many troubling issues, most importantly the case of the minimum wage for drivers in Germany. To put it simply, it is an attempt to crash our industry, which is the biggest base of carriers in Europe. We cannot influence the political aspects of this decision, but we can take joint actions to promote our country.

This tarpaulin is not only a way to express our pride for being a part of transport elite, but it also shows other nations that the Polish transport industry is a strong player in the European market – and that we are aware of this strength”.

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