Information action – Update your company profile!


Before concluding transaction in the System it is important to verify a potential partner – did you remember to update your company profile?

1. Update your documents so that the interested parties are aware that your national/international insurance and transport/shipping authorisations are valid!

2. Update your company profile so that the entrepreneurs working with you are aware of the area of your business, how big is your fleet and whether you have a website. If you have a logo – add it.

3. Take care for the profiles of your employees so that the counterparties are aware in which languages you can communicate with them, who is responsible for accounting and at what phone number one can contact a given employee.

4. Invite employees to create their own individual accounts: More options → Add an employee via the website and block former employees.

How to edit your profile and the profile of your company:
More options → Program options → Edit profile/company data.

Take a moment and comprehensively take care of the image of your company on the System.

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