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The fully completed company profile in the System is half way to achieving a credible position. Do you also care properly for profiles of your employees? How to add a new employee and how to block access for people with whom your cooperation had ended?

Please note that it is worthwhile to:

  • set up free accounts for all the employees as it facilitates communication both within the company and with the counterparty
  • enable your employees access to company mailboxes and phones, so that the potential counterparty has the possibility of additional communication beyond the messenger
  • specify languages the person knows – it is possible that a foreign company prefers a contact in a specific language
  • by defining your duties, you make it easier for the second party to communicate. When it comes to invoice correction, it is easier to ask the person responsible for accounting directly
  • always block access to former employees of the company! Remember that by having an active account, a given person is representing the company and has access to relevant information regarding transactions!

How to create an account for a new employee? Registration in three steps:

The authorised person invites the employee to create an account:

⇒ system → more options → add employee

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1. I’m authorised, I invite a new employee to create an account.

2. The new employee receives an email with an activation link.

3. The employee fills out a form with data and ADDS AN ACCOUNT.

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Mr Lukas left the company last month? As an AUTHORISED person report the account of the former employee to be BLOCKED!

  • the accounts are personal, it is not possible to transfer them to a new employee
  • do not share your account with other employees, they should create their own ones.
  • the authorised person can block an employee via the Management Panel

COMPANY tab → employees → select an employee → more → delete an employee


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The block may also be reported by the employees themselves via:

  • 0044 (0) 203 80 85 086

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