How to transport food products?

How to transport food products?

Recently in the Polish market there has been a large number of carriers who used to choose eastern directions – they drove to Russia and Ukraine. Growing competition forces transport companies to constantly improve the quality of their services. This is particularly important in the case of companies that transport such specific goods as the food products.

When choosing the carrier, food producers follow the several important criteria: experience of the transport company, the range of its offer, price adjusted to the expectations, reliability and competence of the employees. SM Logistic is perfectly aware of these requirements. For over 20 years, the company has specialised in the food products transportation.

Ryszard Buda, vice-president of SM Logistic, underlines that during the transport of fresh goods, special attention must be paid to the disinfection of a cooler, which then is cooled down to the temperature appropriate for the transported goods. At the end, the goods must be loaded having observed the cold chain requirements. Such procedure is of essential importance for every food producer.

That is the reason why SM Logistic has implemented a set of sanitary regulations for its employees. Thanks to that, customers can be sure that the delivered goods are treated in accordance with the required standards at every transport stage.

The used equipment is also very important. SM Logistic has the fleet of vehicles specially adjusted to food transportation. A base of 250 trailers include regularly serviced refrigerator trucks, none of which is older than 3-4 years. The company owns refrigerator trucks with one or two evaporators –the latter allow transporting goods that need to be stored in two different temperatures. All trucks are equipped with sensors that help to constantly monitor the temperature of the goods.

A company that transports food products, must also be protected against unforeseen circumstances. SM Logistic owns two maintenance buses that can be sent to any place in Europe at any time. Thus, possible faults do not paralyse the entire transportation process.

In turn, western carriers need to confirm the reliability of the company. Such confirmation of the quality in transport on the European scale is the Certified Carrier certificate, granted to SM Logistic.

To sum up, when transporting food products, it is important to provide:

  • professional, specially adjusted equipment,
  • regularly serviced and disinfected,
  • appropriate qualifications of the personnel working in food products transportation,
  • technical security in case of faults

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