How to quickly and effectively acquire new customers?

The forwarder’s job – employed either in a transport or freight forwarding company – is, among others, to acquire customers (companies issuing orders, as well as carrying out the transport of goods). The transport, freight forwarding and logistics sector mainly depends on time and effectiveness, so arranging transport requires speed and confidence in operation. Such opportunities are provided through the System solutions.

How to find customers?

The tools available in the System facilitate the efficient organisation of the forwarder’s work. It does not matter whether the task is to search for companies implementing or ordering transport services – with our solutions customer acquisition is as easy as never before. What tools are most effective?

  • Vehicle Exchange – where you will find or post a transport offer of your interest
  • Load Exchange – where you will search for or post loads available for transport
  • Messenger – which will allow you to stay in touch with counterparties at all times

How to acquire a customer in the System?

How to acquire customers in the System? There are many ways, and each of them takes no longer than a few minutes. Just:

  • post an order on the exchange – available order templates will save you some time
  • find an interesting offer – extended search engine allows you to quickly find a matching offer
  • contact a potential customer – the Messenger will dispel any doubts regarding the order
  • verify the new counterparty – a system of ratings and comments allows you to quickly verify counterparties

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