European drivers best in the world

The 2014 world professional drivers’ championship has already finished. The 29th edition of the championship organised by the world’s greatest professional drivers’ union ended on the 28th of September. Among its ranks, the union gathers the drivers from European, American and African countries. This year, professional drivers competed at Kraków-Rakowice-Czyżyny-Airport. Over 200 contenders from nearly 30 countries challenged one another in many spectacular competitions. During team classification, Europe has decidedly won.

The 2014 world professional drivers' championship

Heavyweight contenders

Because of the sizes and dimensions of their vehicles it is clear that contenders who took part in the championships should be referred to in this way. The following are vehicle categories according to which the winners have been chosen.

A solo, up to 18 tonnes
B coach
C semitrailer combinations
D trailer combinations
E young professionals (up to 25 years of age)
F vans (delivery vehicles)

General classification

In team classification, Europe definitely won, leaving competitors from other continents far behind. The first place was won by Finland, the second by the Netherlands, and the third by Germany. Our Polish team got a very good result, finishing in the 6th place. Apart from the three best teams, only Belgians and the Swiss had a better result.

Focus on driving categories

It turns out that the Germans feel best when driving vans and vehicle combinations with trailers and semitrailers. Our western neighbours proved unrivalled in C, D and F driving categories. The Finns won in the prestigious “solo” category, driving the vehicles of up to 18 tonnes of weight (category A) and the Polish team proved that it is the young drivers from Poland who are the best. The victory is double, as it reflects a great potential of the European Community and provides prospects of excellent results in future championships.


Another representative of Poland, Dariusz Serafiński, turned out to be the most economical driver. He showed his competitors how to join dynamic driving with concern for the natural environment.

We cordially congratulate all the teams and contenders and give thanks to our Polish team for their great attitude!

World professional drivers’ championships, which official partner was the System, is a prestigious competition organised every 2 years. This year, it was organised in Poland for the first time. From the 25th to the 28th September 2014, at Kraków-Rakowice-Czyżyny-Airport, over 2000 contenders representing nearly 30 countries participated in many spectacular competitions. Spectators could enjoy extraordinary experiences, a double dose of positive emotions, great atmosphere and many additional attractions. The contenders from Germany, Finland, the Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Italy, Slovenia, Republic of South Africa, Zimbabwe, Montenegro, Austria, as well as frin Poland and Estonia participated in this year’s championship.

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